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Amilia Registration Process
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Maydm Summer Programs Amilia Registration Process

**These instructions are for those using Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Firefox - those who are using Safari - scroll below to see those instructions**

  1. Click on link provided or go to to find our registration
  2. Click Maydm Summer Programs 2022
  3. Select the programs you wish to register for by clicking the + button next to the name of the program
  4. Click the button under “session” to begin the registration process

  1. A prompt will appear to log in. A parent or guardian will need to create an account with their own email and password before adding student information. A parent/guardian that is over age 18 needs to create the family account in order to register the student for the program.

  1. After the family account is created using a parent/guardian info, it will prompt you to consent to sharing info with Maydm

  1. Select participants to register
  1. You will need to add your student as another participant. You can add your whole family to the account here.

  1. Put in your student’s info and click save

  1. Select the student who needs to register - a green check mark will appear- then click checkout.

  1. Review that the information on this page is correct. Then, click checkout again at the bottom of the page

  1. Fill out all of the account owner information with parent/ guardian information.  

  1. On the next page, fill out all required student information

  1. Click continue my purchase and it will bring up the confirmation page for your records

  1. *Reminder - please check the email used to make the family account to confirm that email address with Amilia

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please email Melissa Pfahl at If you have any questions regarding the programs, please email


If you are using Safari - families browsing our website using Safari on Apple products will need to click a few additional buttons to register for our programs.

You may run into this screen - you can click “purchase now” to go to our registration page. Clicking “purchase now” will not purchase anything from Maydm. This simply directs you to our registration page. Unfortunately, our registration platform is unable to change that purchasing language.