TRB Task Force on Knowledge Management (AB010T)

Summer Teleconference – July 10, 2019, 12-1:30 PM ET

Adam Arthur (FHWA), Benjamin Anyacho, Sandra Brady (LADOT), Becky Burk (MD SHA), Stephanie Clark (DDOT), Anaya Fara (WMATA), Michelle Farabough (OU, OKDOT), Tony Geara (City of Detroit),Joseph Glowitz (PS-E), Frances Harrison (SPP), Evelyn Howell, (ADOT), Alireza Jamalipour (CTDOT), Omar Kamacho (LA Metro), Elizabeth Klemann (MnDOT), Evelyn Howell (AZDOT), Gabi Holdcroff (FHWA), Alex Linthicum, Carin Marcus (National RTAP), Michael Molina (OKDOT), Mary Moulton (NTL), , Leni Oman (WSDOT), Chris Senesi (WSP), Harsh Verma (R Systems), Enid White (WYDOT)

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  1. Updates
  1. AASHTO Committee on KM (Leni)
  1. May 5th - 8th
  2. 43 members on the committee; 38-40 members in attendance
  3. Moses Adoko & Jennifer Hawkins spoke at joint KM/HR session
  4. Presentations from state DOTs and private sector - available at
  5. AASHTO received positive feedback
  6. Had a special session on impacts of digitalization
  1. AASHTO/TRB Joint Research subcommittee (Leni)
  1. 3 problem statements
  1. KM Metrics
  2. Developing research roadmap (in development)
  3. Consultant services to document case studies of KM practices at state DOTs - NCHRP 20-123 (Cindy drafting)
  1. Additional interest in topic on Knowledge Translation; seeking a logistical lead; perhaps reach out to Tech Transfer Committee (Anaya would like to learn more)
  2. Subcommittee meeting 1 hour per month (Cara interested in more information)
  3. AASHTO KM website:
  1. TRB Workshop Proposal (Frances)
  1. Not accepted for TRBAM 2020 Sunday slot :’(
  1. Collaboration on content posting (Frances) among KM Task Force, AASHTO KM Committee, NTL Lib Guide; meeting on July 29th; Frances seeking input prior to the 29th
  2. Website/communication (Jessica)
  1. Initiate activity to improve Task Force website: volunteers? Omar, LA Metro; Leni;
  2. Adam Hopps stepping down from leading social media (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  3. Joe G and Tony G volunteered to help.  
  1. Webinars (Becky)
  1. July 11th 12-1 PM – see flyer
  2. Future Plans
  1. Jennifer Hawkins & Jez Arroway in Sep/Oct
  1. Concepts to be planned
  1. Deep Smarts (Dorothy Leonard) - Spoke at recent APQC conference in Houston - distinguishes between positional knowledge and subject matter expertise
  2. Perhaps VTrans Employee Retention and KM Study could be another?
  3. Jeanne Ross (Sloane) on Enterprise Architecture
  4. AI/Machine learning, vision processing “at the edge” - could these technologies be useful for KM (idea from Dr. Harsh Verma); perhaps we set up a call with the AI Committee
  1. TRB 2020 – Session Proposals must be complete (with speakers lined up) by Sept 30
  1. Smart Cities Session (Tony/Alex)
  1. Call for presentation is non-traditional, shoot for August
  2. Call for papers more traditional, paper submissions due 8/1
  3. Need to do outreach
  1. Seeking leads/Teams for other Session Ideas (Alex)
  1. Knowledge Transfer Techniques (Benjamin)
  1. Based on workshop proposal
  2. Capturing tacit knowledge
  3. We’ve talked about knowledge books, but there are other tactics also
  1. Lessons learned
  2. Knowledge interviews
  1. Possibly include interactive material during TF meeting
  1. Findability (Leni, Frances)
  1. WSDOT Practical Solutions AID Project
  2. NCHRP 20-97
  3. Examples from private sector - e.g. law firms (“who has really figured this out?)
  1. Learning from Failure
  1. Documenting failures
  2. Organizational (vs individual) learning from failures
  3. FAA model for project kickoffs, learning from prior project teams
  4. Avoiding embarrassment
  5. Liability
  6. Internal social media as a means of capturing, learning from failures
  1. Other topics?
  1. KM as a microservice (Harsh)
  1. Volunteers for session organization
  1. Tony, Stephanie, Alireza
  1. Other News
  1. A TRC project titled, “Vermont Agency of Transportation Employee Retention and Knowledge Management Study” was recently named a High Value Research (HVR) project by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Research Advisory Committee’s (RAC) Northeast Region for national recognition. The project will be presented in July in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the summer RAC meeting by VTrans’ Research Manager, Emily Parkany.  A poster presentation will also be made during the 2020 TRB Annual Meeting.

TRC’s Glenn McRae and Carol Vallett (retired), along with Jennifer Jewiss of the College of Education and Social Services, partnered with VTrans to conduct the research. The agency was concerned with employee turnover and subsequent loss of important and accumulated knowledge. “Many external factors are impacting the transportation workforce in Vermont including severe weather events due to climate change and aging demographics of the state,” said Vallett. “VTrans leaders are to be commended for supporting a research project that addressed these challenges and for immediately implementing several findings from this study.”

  1. Leni recommends the APQC conference for good KM-related presentations - typically held in Houston in April.
  1. Next meeting
  1. To be scheduled for Sept/Oct