CentreBike Membership Meeting

March 12, 2018 at 5:30PM

State College Municipal Building in Room 241


  1. Welcome

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Balance: $7,908.19
  2. 1 new membership in the past month w/ near 30 lapsed memberships
  1. Renew memberships (or Join) here! https://centrebike.org/membership/
  1. Post Office box has been paid for

  1. Stakeholder Reports
  1. PennDOT (Tim Nebgen)
  1. Safety Initiatives for Mar and April will focus on impaired driving and work zone safety
  2. May will feature bike-safety information
  1. CentreBike will be in touch on how to partner best
  1. PSU Entities (C Zhu)
  1. Bike Share users will now be charged a fee if they lock their bike off-station. Additionally,
  2. Bike racks might be available soon, however CZ needs to determine the usability/reliability.
  1. There are currently at least  6 businesses/orgs interested in receiving rack
  1. Municipalities/CRCOG (T. Meek representing CRCOG Planning Agency)
  1. Working with College Twp representatives to determine a date for the Puddintown Connector
  2. Patton Twp is in the process of updating their bike plan & is looking to add more facilities
  3. Additional information and link to survey can be found here.
  1. Individuals
  1. Michele Chernega Centre Gives
  1. Entered to win $500 just by being at a workshop session. All campaign information is on the Centre Gives website. They provided a timeline for how to run their social media campaign. This will be CentreBike’s 4th year participating. One good practice: follow up with donors ASAP/immediately, brand ambassadors, page devoted to campaign on website.
  2. Members will work on a short promotional video
  3. ESRI Story Map might also be useful for promoting CentreBike’s campaign

  1. Updates
  1. UPUA Bike Lights
  1. Working on getting best price for lights & looking at different vendors. At the latest, we would like to host LUTN in mid-April
  1. Centre Gives Campaign
  1. See Michele’s information above
  1. Bellefonte to Milesburg Trail
  1. 1st pub input meeting last week. Seems to be mostly supported by the public, however there are concerns about it running through Gamble Mill. Also concerns about crossing a state road.
  1. CRBAC
  1. Email Distribution
  1. Let Andrew know if you would like to be on the listserv, you can contact him here.
  1. Bike Map Update
  1. Visitor’s Bureau isn’t interested in directly funding a map, however they do offer grants that could possibly fund the creation of and printing of a map.
  1. Also- interested in developing a CB brochure for the VB...what do we want/need to include on this?
  1. Additionally, CB is interested in creating wayfinding signage for the Centre Region.
  1. Centre Moves- Fit Families Challenge
  1. This 30-day physical activity community challenge is an easy and fun way to get active with your family. Your family can include parents, kids grandparents, dogs, colleagues or friends. There's no time or activity requirement. Sign up in the link above.

  1. Action Items
  1. Establish Bike Month Events, Activities, and Promotions
  1. Valet Bike Parking on 1st Friday May; Paint a Bike Rack (see if H4H will donate paint)
  2. Commuter Coffee: change locations not at VB or SCB; maybe host it at a coffee shop (Webster’s?); maybe somewhere on Campus?
  3. Ask a Cyclist @ Allen St Gates: Cecily will reserve it, has previously been on a Friday. Considering April 20th, will check date.
  4. Motion raised and passed to spend up to $1,000 on CATA Bus tailwraps for May.
  1. Fill Executive Board Vacancy or Amend Bi-laws
  1. CHayden is leaving May 1
  1. Lanespotter.bike
  1. Crowdsourced bike riding and issues encountered, CZ will look into contacting creator to attend/skype a meeting

  1. Upcoming Events
  1. Banff Film Festival
  2. Bike Classes

  1. Volunteer Call
  1. Bike Month Proclamations
  1. Seeking 1 representative per municipality. CentreBike will provide the Proclamation text, as needed.
  1. Centre County: NEEDED
  2. College Township: C Hayden & J Serene
  3. Council of Governments: NEEDED
  4. Bellefonte Borough: NEEDED
  5. Ferguson Township: NEEDED
  6. Harris Township: NEEDED
  7. Halfmoon Township: J Potter
  8. Patton Township: A Artz
  9. State College Borough: C Zhu
  1. Banff Film Festival
  1. April 13 & 14 from 5:30 PM until 8:30 (?) at the State Theatre. This does not include admission for the Festival.
  1. Bike Month
  1. Events will be discussed in depth during the meeting. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be created and distributed.
  1. Member Bios/Stories for Website/Facebook
  1. CentreBike would like to post bios/stories about our members! Submissions can be sent to any Executive Committee member. Send pictures too! Prompts can be provided if needed.
  1. J.A.M. Fest Opportunity
  1. CentreBike has been invited to host a table/activity at the J.A.M. Fest (Saturday,May 12 from 12-5P). This event aims to create an atmosphere that allows community members to enhance creative thinking and mental well-being by expressing themselves through unique hands-on experiences. Additionally, J.A.M. Fest is seeking sponsors to cover stage events.

8. Additional Comments

9. Adjournment

Next Meeting:

April 9, 2018 at 5:30PM

State College Municipal Building in Room 241