Adding Emergency Contacts and Authorized Pickups in My Ancona

In the My Ancona system, Emergency Contacts double as a list of people who are authorized to pick up your child. Emergency contacts may be updated by filling the Emergency Contacts form (available in My Ancona mid-April to mid-August) or by using the instructions below. Ancona faculty and staff will only release a child to people listed as emergency contacts unless specific permission is given for a particular day. There is no need to include yourself or others listed as a parent/guardian as Emergency Contact, as parents/guardians will always be contacted first and are allowed to pick up their own child.

Visit your student's Contact Card in My Ancona

Can’t find it? Here’s one way to get there!

  1. Click on your own name while logged into My Ancona
  2. Select “Profile”
  3. Find your child under “Relationships” at the bottom of your profile, and click to open

Click on "Manage Phones" located under Emergency Contacts.

Click “Create new phone number”

Note that you will see a list of “Active” and “Inactive” emergency contacts that includes all parents/guardians. Parents do not need to be listed as “active” emergency contacts, as the school will always try to reach parents first.

Enter information for the contact. Under relationship, enter “pick-up only” or “emergency only,” if not both. Be careful not to exceed the 50 character limit in this box.

Click “Add Entry” when complete

Drag the contact from the “Inactive” column to the “Active” column. You may ignore the “Automated call” question, as Ancona uses a different system.

Click “Save,” and check the record to make sure it’s showing up properly.

Repeat this process with each sibling as needed.