#318 - The Angry Chicken: “How Many Lucentbarks?”


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Meta: One Week Later

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Dalaran Heist

All wings have released. What are our overall thoughts?

Zayle, Shadow Cloak: All Five Decks


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How do you create your secondary and tertiary lists?


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Hey TAC Team,

I received a 60 gold daily quest today, and recently opened a Lucentbark in a pack, so I figured I'd try and get three wins out of it, as I was really excited about the card when it was released.

The beginning of the game was fairly standard, nothing too fancy, but then we get to turn 7. My opponent, a priest, popped off a few mind visions to start the game... turns out he nabbed my Lucentbark. He BMs me with a "greetings" emote, and the madness begins. So I'm staring at a PRIEST with a Lucentbark on 7 (because of coin), and decide to drop my one of my Faceless Manipulators to start the madness of endless Lucentbarks. Needless to say, I'm not feeling optimistic about my odds, as priest can heal at will using their hero power. I Floop next turn to have another Lucentbark, but my opponent reveals what they are really up to. MILKSHAKE!

They drop the priest Spirit, which shuffles 1 cost versions of your dead minions back into your deck. SO, I now have to chew thru a mountain of Lucentbarks, and every time I do, a new one is shuffled into my opponents deck, and the cost 1 mana. I’ve got 5 Lucentbarks due to 2 Faceless Manipulators, a Floop, my original Lucentbark and Da Undataka - my opponent literally has a full board of Lucentbarks, and I’m panicking. I have a few heal spells left, a Zilliax and... oh... what’s this? Archivist Elysiana! I have enough healing left in my deck to awaken my Lucentbarks 3 times, so decide on my plan - let my opponent completely burn them all down, and THEN heal, to make sure I get maximum damage out of my minions.

Both players get down to their last card, and we hit fatigue. I pop off Elysiana and land some decent cards, but nothing that can win it outright for me - I'm going to need to get lucky. The next two turns I take 22 damage to my face, and get some chip damage in. My opponent's Lucentbarks have died in a staggered manner, so he hasn't optimized his awakening opportunities with his Lucentbarks - he's just going face. I drop a healing touch, bring all my dudes back up, and then smash him for 20 next turn, which, with fatigue, wins me the game.

I hit him with a "Greetings" emote right before he quits on me and I win the wildest game of hearthstone that I have played in years.

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Matt H

Hey all,

About your discussion of the mana buff to Crystology, one thing I think you could consider is that it can be used to cheat out immortal prelate and get one or both into the mix a little earlier. I don't know if IP is niche, but I see it in fully half of the (very few) paladins I play against these days. I play warrior and there's just no way to tech in enough silence or removal to keep that thing down for long. With cheaper Crystology you can start rotating it through your deck on turn 2, and maybe have both out on turn 3. Ugly.


You guys were talking about arena, and Bob a couple of weeks ago.  

Since they are trying to push this new content, the Heist, why not have some sort of arena mode that involved the decks that you have for the Heist. Single elimination, you queue and you have the starter deck.  You win, you pick your treasure and three cards,and queue up against somebody with the same size deck. Then you have a fun experience (like your three yoggs, vs somebody) in a situation where they also have silliness. It'd be a great way to get even more fun/value out of the extra content they are trying to sell. Thoughts?


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