Innovating Play with Twitter Classes

The idea of innovating play stems from the concept that higher level play is passed on from child to child.  Through collaboration in play children learn social norms, rules and expectations, problem-finding, problem-solving, and development of ideas by processing the play of those around them.  As we innovate play for the 21st century child, we are taking into account the idea that our world has become more global in its interaction. Friends and family members who live far away can now interact on a daily basis through digital tools and social media.  By incorporating global sharing of play experiences into our classrooms, children can deepen their understanding of the world around them, and develop a collaborative mindset that impacts their view of the world.

The following is a list of teachers who have classes on Twitter that would like to connect and share the process of playing and learning.  By incorporating social media into our play, we are given the opportunity to model digital citizenship, perspective taking, empathy, and global collaboration alongside children.  Names and photos of children’s faces do not need to be shared to make the experience meaningful.  Class tweets may include ideas, photos of the process/products of play, questions, and observations.

It is an exciting time to be guiding children to live with kindness and connection within a digital society.  If you are interested in #innovatingplay, you can simply use the hashtag in your class tweets and/or connect with teachers by adding to this shared document.

Grade Level


Class Twitter Handle


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