"A" Day Monday and Thursday

9:00-9:35- 1st hour

9:40-10:10- 2nd hour

10:15-10:50- 3rd hour

10:55-11:30- Mentorship (not elective)

"B" Day Tuesday and Friday

9:00-9:35- Mentorship

9:40-10:10- 6th hour

10:15-10:50- 7th hour

10:55-11:30- 8th hour

Teacher office hours will be on Wednesday 8 am to 12 pm. During this time students can set up individual time to go over additional questions and receive additional support.

With this new schedule students will be able to schedule each day to focus on only "A" day assignments and "B" day assignments. Electives will be offered through Schoology activities and/or scheduled zooms calls separate from the main schedule. Students may enjoy these enrichment activities, but they should not be the main focus. Electives will be given a pass/fail grade this trimester with no penalization to students.