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Student-Athlete Code Of Conduct 3.15.23
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Athlete Code of Conduct

Welcome to the NICA community! NICA’s code of conduct supports our mission, vision and values and exists to guide behavior and help maintain a culture of safety, responsibility and respect at NICA activities and events. As a representative of the community, student-athletes and parents/guardians agree to follow this code of conduct during all NICA activities and while interacting with NICA community members. You also agree to maintain the code of conduct while connecting with other NICA community members through social media and electronic communications. The code of conduct is the starting point, teams are encouraged to create great teammate pledges (social contracts) with their teams to support building strong minds, bodies, character and communities.

Parents and guardians please review the following expectations with your NICA student-athlete.

Be safe

  • Always wear a helmet when your leg is over the bike
  • Be prepared with safety gear: gloves, glasses, and extra clothes to match the weather
  • Perform an ABCDE bike check (Air, Brakes, Chain, Derailleur, Everything Else) before each ride
  • Ride within your ability
  • Be aware of and avoid using performance enhancing substances listed as prohibited in the NICA Handbook
  • Plan ahead and let your family or guardians know where you are going and when you plan to return
  • Avoid contact with poisonous or dangerous plants by staying on the trail or in designated activity areas
  • Be alert for animals and know how to respond to any animal encounters

Be responsible

  • Be prepared with the water, food, and clothing that you need to complete the ride
  • Come to practice with a clean and well-maintained bike
  • Be accountable for your actions and choices
  • Never consume alcohol or use illegal drugs
  • Ride only on designated legal trails and routes
  • Follow additional rules that may be associated with your team, school or league 

Be respectful

  • Respect coaches, teammates, competitors, trail users and other community members
  • Be kind and treat everyone with dignity
  • Avoid language and actions that may be perceived as bullying, harassment, or discrimination
  • Be inclusive and welcoming to new athletes, coaches, competitors, and other trail users
  • Sexual harassment by NICA community members is not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: offensive or unwelcome sexual flirtations, advances or propositions, verbal abuse of a sexual nature, graphic or degrading comments about an individual and/or their appearance, the display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures, and any offensive or abusive physical contact
  • Seek consent before touching, hugging and otherwise embracing teammates and coaches
  • Ride with courtesy at races, at practice, and in the community
  • Do your best when racing or riding your bike
  • Announce your passing intention, and specify the passing side
  • Slow down when approaching other trail users
  • Provide right of way to pedestrians and equestrians and stop and ask for passing instructions from equestrians
  • Move aside to allow others to pass you safely
  • Ride on trails when the weather and surface conditions will not cause damage
  • Perform trail maintenance on trails only with full permission and permits from the land owner/manager
  • Do not litter and pick up trash before leaving practice areas, venues and campgrounds


I acknowledge I have reviewed/will review this code of conduct with my student-athlete and they agree to follow NICA rules and guidelines as additionally described in the NICA Handbook. I also understand that failure to do so may lead to his or her suspension or expulsion from NICA team, league or national activities.

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