Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School

Performing Arts Department


Choir - 2019-2020

Director: Mrs. Jaime Mangonon

COHS/EPMS Choir Director:  Mrs. Christina Ball

COHS Director:  Mr. Mike Mangonon

COHS Asst. Director:  Ms. Bethany Moslen

Candidate Teacher:  Mr. Andy La


Course Syllabus



Elk Grove Unified School District will provide a learning community that challenges ALL students to realize their greatest potential.



     Academic Excellence – Personal Character – Civic Responsibility



The Visual and Performing Arts Institute is designed to provide students who have a strong desire and motivation in the arts with concentrated and focused study in a variety of Arts disciplines. The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Institute provides an atmosphere that fosters interdisciplinary connections found among all areas of artistic expression. Arts Institute students share experiences that recognize and value cultural diversity of artistic expression, and that nurture community within the arts. Arts Institute students also complete coursework outside their major area of interest, engage in community service that supports the Arts, and they maintain high academic standards. Students in the Arts Institute have access to career and college guidance and support in their regular academic classes.



This course is designed to expose students to the beginning concepts and skills of vocal music performance in a group setting. Students will learn the fundamentals of proper tone production and ensemble singing. In addition, special emphasis will be given to the art and practice of critical listening and writing using the vocabulary of music. Choral works from a wide variety of historical styles and genres will be blended to give the students a broad experience of the literature. Performances will give students opportunities to extend their learning and artist experience.



Students will be able to:


Letter grades will be given on the basis of:

  1. 40% - Participation (weekly participation rubrics, attitude and demeanor) *
  2. 40% - Assignments (writing assignments, Concert Credit, Critical Listening, Music Theory, etc…)
  3. 20% - Performance – Your mandatory concert will be on:

*If a student is earning less than 80% for their weekly participation, they will not be permitted to perform for our Term Concert and will instead have an alternate assignment comprised of a written assignment and a presentation for the class.




Mrs. Mango will be prepared for each class, and will have materials and assignments organized prior to class meeting. Mrs. Mango will provide a safe environment for each student to learn and to realize his/her full potential. Lastly, Mrs. Mango will model, adhere to, and actively teach the Positive Learning Behaviors and Core Values listed here.


No one lives in isolation. Rather, we all live in community. This means that we all need to learn to live in harmony together as we journey through life. One way to do this is to diligently follow and adhere to these simple, yet profound rules of the choir room (and of life). (Please refer to the Student Handbook for an exhaustive list of behavioral expectations.)



  1. Tardy procedure/policy – EPMS Tardy Policy will be observed. Delaying the class will result in a loss of participation points.
  2. Bathroom privileges – Do your best to use the restroom during breaks and lunch, in class students may use the restroom if it is absolutely necessary.  Students sign out on clipboard and take the pass.  If bathroom use is in excess, there will be consequences.
  3. Food and drink – these are not allowed in class.
  4. Hats, sunglasses, distracting clothing – please remove these items before the beginning of class/rehearsal.
  5. Electronic devices – not allowed during school hours. Cell phones must be turned OFF and kept in your backpack. Any cell phones seen or heard during school hours will be confiscated.
  6. Personal belongings – great care is taken for the safety and security of all students, however, the director will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items left in the choir room either during class or after school. Please take care of your valuables.
  7. Parental Communication – Mrs. Mango will use Synergy, email and phone calls to help facilitate positive Teacher-Parent communication.
  8. Concert Credit – All students will attend/view one live concert choir performance this term and will submit a program of the concert they attended.  Concert must have live music (singing or instruments) and be performers must be at middle school age or older.
  9. Necessary Materials - 3 Prong Folder with pockets designated for Choir music, handouts and notes and a pencil.



  1. Student will be given a warning concerning the Core Value/PLB/Procedure not followed, and possibly asked to leave the classroom and wait outside.
  2. Further intervention will take place at the house/team level, with parent consultation.
  3. Student will be given an immediate referral to a VP for flagrantly disruptive and/or disrespectful behavior.



Studies show that students who study music (and other arts) are more likely to be successful in life… and more able to achieve higher scores on standardized tests; more able to think critically and creatively; more apt to achieve their goals and dreams. The study of music makes us better students – better teachers – better citizens, and the skills and knowledge gained through performing arts such as vocal music enable every student to grow to his/her fullest potential FOR LIFE, not just for music. In short, Concert Choir will enrich your life!



Jaime Mangonon, Band/Choir Room; Synergy communication and email: jmangono@egusd.net is always best (please allow 24 hours for a reply); phone: 916-683-7680, ext. 31920 (band office voicemail).



EPMS 7th and 8th Grade Concert Performance and Event Calendar 2019-2020

Term 1 Concerts: 

Tuesday, October 1, EPMS 7th Grade Concert @ EPMS 7pm

Wednesday, October 2, EPMS 8th Grade Concert @ COHS PAC 7pm


Term 2 Concerts: 

Tuesday, December 10- EPMS 7th Grade Concert @ EPMS 7pm

Thursday, December 12 EPMS 8th Grade Concert @ COHS PAC 7pm


Term 3 Concerts: 

Wednesday, March 4 – EPMS 7th Grade Concert @ EPMS 7pm

Tuesday, March 3 - EPMS 8th Grade Concert @ COHS PAC 7pm

Saturday, March 7 - Middle School Band Festival (8th Grade Band) Sheldon High School, time TBA


Term 4 Concerts: 

Tuesday, April 28, Platinum Paw Ceremony, 8th Grade Concert Band, @ EPMS 5-7pm

Wednesday, May 20 – End of the Year Concert #1 – 8th Grade Band + CO Jazz and Orchestra @ COHS PAC 7pm

Thursday, May 21 - End of the Year Concert #2 – All Vocal 7-12 @ COHS PAC 7pm

Friday, May 22 - End of the Year Concert #3 – 7th Grade Band + CO Bands @ COHS PAC 7pm

Friday, May 29 – 8th Grade Promotion – Perform for all 3 Promotion Ceremonies @ COHS Gym 8am-2pm

(more details to come)


Marching Wolves Events (All 8th Grade Band Members are the Marching Wolves plus Colorguard) 

Friday, October 11, Marching Wolves play at COHS Football Game @ COHS 4:30-9pm

Saturday, May 2, Western Festival Parade, Marching Wolves, time TBA (usually 8:30am-11am)

Thursday, May 7, Spring Art Showcase, Marching Wolves @ EPMS 6-8pm

Saturday, May 9, Vallejo Band Festival, Marching Wolves, $ time TBA (usually 6am-1pm)  

Other EPMS/COHS Wolfpack VAPA Events: 

Most performances take place at the COHS Performing Arts Center (PAC) located on the north east corner of COHS. 

*Black Box Theatre is located just south of the PAC with the entrance on Wolfpack Lane. 

$ indicates that you have to pay to purchase a ticket.