Jan 2019

So far, 7 out of 8 hives have made it through the winter.  We have made considerable progress with wax melting and now have a reserve of rendered blocks to start trading for new foundation in the spring.  At the Spring Convention, we converted six block (12kb) to 51 sheets of deep wired foundation - enough for 4 brood boxes.

There is still a lot of wax to deal with, both at the new apiary and in the supers at the old site. We will probably need to enlarge the solar extractor and/or make another to keep up.

The varrora levels are generally low, with two colonies requiring some therapy with MAXQ.  We have not given an oxalic treatment this Jan. as it is not yet cold enough.

We have almost accomplished our plan to change the hive type to Modified National; there are just a few odds and ends to go.  A lot of commercial boxes are available to members for a donation.

The other main objective for the early part of the season is to get all brood onto clean comb.

We are developing teaching plans for the apiary this year; in addition to the introductory practical session and taster days (later in the year)  we want to concentrate on small-scale queen rearing, so keep an eye on the association calendar!