Dundas Legion

  1. Welcome & Presidents Address
  1. Bryan
  2. Introduction – there is a need for a unified voice for trail access, trail issues, working with land owners, etc. There are similar organizations elsewhere why not here?
  3. We would like to work within the trails that we have in the area. We incorporated last year on Feb 7th 
  4. Met with HAFTA and GORBA to have a good basis to build on
  5. Met with Cootes to Escarpment Ecopark to communicate the importance of recreation in the area. We are now on the stakeholders committee as a result of this relationship.
  6. Christies – Used to be managed by HCC. They were not ensured with trail building at Christies. As they were not able to pay for this insurance as required by Conservation Hamilton.
  7. Due to support from Glen Abbey and PRFCT Line, we were able to pay for insurance and take over these trails.
  8. BANR – brought it into the organization. We had over 100 people again this year. We raised over $500 for Hamilton Conservation.
  9. Developing a partnership with the City and a couple of other organizations to manage the Gage Park Pumptrack.
  1. Exec Updates
  1. Wayne Terryberry
  2. Working with land managers. Wayne has already developed relationships with
  3. Hamilton Trails council member
  4. There is a recognized need for contiguous trails
  5. New staff are excited about this organization.
  6. There has traditionally been a void in connectivity but this organization helps to establish healthy and strong relationships with landowners
  7. Conservation Halton is very keen to work with us. Halton trails are not going to be touched as of yet. They are keen to continue to have mountain biking in the area
  8. Establishing better multiuse trails. We’re looking for more “Christies’” connected by multi-use trails
  9. Met with the City of Brantford to see how we could get a similar thing here too.
  10. (Tim) The Deerleg connector. Tim knows the property owner. He owns up to 20 feet from the tracks all the way up to highway 5. She needs to contact her brother but it looks like we could have permission to continue to use that land. A very strong relationship and a model which we would like to continue to use. A model similar to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.
  11. The Occupiers Liability act ensures that the landowner is not liable for anything that might happen to riders on trails on private property
  12. (Igor) A quick comment on the history of this. Bringing new experiences to the table in terms of outdoor recreation. We need representation to ensure that our voice is heard.
  13. (Tim) speaking to the history of riding in the area. Thought that HCC would help to be part of a voice for mountain bikers. He is pleased to hear that a new network to connect Red Hill to Waterdown.
  14. Christies is the only legal singletrack in the region.
  15. (Igor) Has previously worked with Conservation Halton. Highlighting the need for grass routes organizations to legitimize and formalize trail networks.
  16. One of the founding members of GORBA. User conflicts in the region spurred the land manager to request a meeting with a recreational group which did not at the time exist. Needed to formalize something. GORBA received a tract of land where trails were built. Hydrocut is another example of this as is HAFTA. Original conversations were originally about closing trails and not keeping them open. Conservation areas make their money primarily with gate fees. Ensuring that an equivalent amount of trail was opened as others were closed for environmental or economic reasons. Without HAFTA, this would not have happened.
  17. There is money in tourism. Connecting trails to breweries, etc. could be a great opportunity for revenue.
  18. (Tim) Christies contacted us for this trailbuilding. They wanted to start at 20km. We might lose trails but we will hopefully build anew and better.
  1. Financial Update (Rob)
  1. $4000 in total
  2. $1800 earmarked for trailbuilding
  3. $1000 will be donated to Hamilton Conservation
  1. Open Discussion/Topics for Discussion
  1. How do we get more people signed up?
  1. (Bryan) Working on getting stuff available through online. Along with corporate memberships.
  1. Have there been any discussions about getting memberships with Hamilton Conservation along with the membership to HBMBA
  1. (Bryan) Yes.
  1. Question about trailbuilding insurance
  1. Liability insurance. Anything that happens while building or hosting something. We also have executive liability insurance. Protects the organization and not individuals. There is “pedal power” which individuals can sign up for which covers the bike and the rider.
  1. Will there be club rides?
  1. Yes. Insurance will cover leaders and the organizers against liability
  1. There is no collective trail organization at the provincial level. Nothing official yet but there might be something in the future.
  2. (James Marcaccio) Will we be talking about E-MTBs at any point?
  1. Nothing formal yet. Recently in the states, there was a large park that banned e-bikes period. That will be something that we as a group will have to address.
  2. BC is at the forefront of legislation on trail access. They are coming up with policy that would ban access inclusive of e-bikes. Expectation that land managers will have access to ban e-bikes in the near future
  1. Is the tent for marketing becoming a reality?
  1. We require a tent for the Paris to Ancaster race. We are looking at grants and other things to cover this cost. To be discussed and voted on by the executive.
  1. (Tim) do we have literature asking for local business support and sponsorship?
  1. Yes.
  1. (Zach) Could we add a donation box at access points?
  1. Yes. It was recommended that we do this and we would like to take action on that.
  1. Trail sponsorship? Would we be interested in making sponsored trail signage?
  1. Yes. We would be interested in doing something like this.
  1. Would the park be able to help with Gage Park maintenance and advocacy
  1. We are still working on that relationship but we are definitely interested in supporting build nights, advocacy, etc.
  1. (Rich) It’s fair to say that we’re taking part in a long game thing. We’re looking at building and maintaining momentum.
  1. Our plan is to finish off in Christie lake and build upon it as we gain appropriate areas to build trails?
  1. Iroquois Heights
  1. On a very high level, there is an appetite at the land managers to work with Iroquois Heights and at Red Hill as well.
  1. There is opportunity in the future for running events like fat bike rides.
  2. BANR
  1. We would like single track to be legitimized for these rides.
  2. It needs to be reviewed several times and management plans need to be
  3. They need to do a Dundas valley management plan but it’s been pushed back pretty consistently. Wayne has been pushing at this for a while.
  1. (Tim) Christies has been the focus?
  1. (Wayne) It’s what we make of it.
  2. (Bryan) it is the focus of where we can build but not the focus of our organization. It establishes a model and the relationships that we develop there can be leveraged to further establish more trails and ensure the future viability in regard to existing (illegitimate) trails.
  3. We would like a HAFTA-like process. There are a lot of great trails in the area and we would like to negotiate with land managers to ensure things are grandfathered in.
  1. Member of the Conservation authority
  1. The valley is the jewel of the area. He thinks we’re moving in the right direction. He is not a planner but he is on the ground. He would like to encourage people to be respectful of what the conservation area is trying to accomplish to make
  1. (Greg) Is the HCA liable for people riding illegal trails?
  1. (Igor) If there is no management plan for a trail, there is no such liability.
  1. Joining the group is important but what can we do as individuals?
  1. Let people know about this collective action.
  2. (Bryan) Even if people are not signing up, they could potentially be important members in this conversation and advocate for mountain bikers still.
  1. (Tim) we have had people hurt at Iroquois heights and we are fortunate where they were not injured. Tim would like to go an maintain stuff that people could get hurt at so as to avoid negative imagery.
  1. (Bryan) We as a user-group can be doing self-policing.
  1. (Bryan) Trail auditing program from IMBA that we can report on and
  2. (Bryan) Communication: How would we best communicate with you?
  1. Social media – Instagram, facebook, etc.
  2. Emails work too for meetings and such.
  3. Social Media can also be used for information on trail conditions
  1. We will be doing t-shirts with proceeds going to the organization. Stickers too.
  1. Executive Voting
  1. President
  1. Bryan Czerneda voted unanimously
  2. Nominated by Tim
  3. Seconded by Mel
  1. Vice-President
  1. Igor
  1. Treasurer
  1. Rob nominated by Bryan seconded by Wayne
  1. Secretary
  1. Eric
  2. Nominated by Tim and seconded by Mel
  1. Communication Coordinator
  1. Tara nominated by Bryan and seconded by Lisa Clarke
  1. Membership Coordinator
  1. Unfilled
  1. Women’s Advocacy
  1. Lisa Clarke nominated by Eric
  2. Mel nominated by Tim and moved into seconded – Elected
  3. Contact information poel.melanie@gmail.com
  1. Youth Advocacy
  1. Unfilled
  1. Landowner Relations
  1. Wayne Terryberry
  1. Ecology & Stewardship
  1. Ken kglasbergen@geoprocess.com
  1. Event Coordinator
  1. Josh nominated himself joshmartin226@gmail.com
  1. Burlington Area Representative
  1. Adrian voted to continue to represent the Burlington area.
  1. East Hamilton Area Representative
  1. Guido nominated – not present but voted in in absentia
  1. West Hamilton Area Representative
  1. Peter Young voted in
  2. Contact Information (peter.d.young@cogeco.ca)
  1. Next Exec. Meeting