Keeping you fit and social all day.

Fifteening Moves, Jogworking, Soleball, Fartlek, Posturi, Kicktouring

Enjoy and start living longer !

Sitting kills. If you work seated, you need Fifteening.

It's quick, burns fat, wakes you up, and it's in normal clothes.

It's the exercise for when you're not exercising. So easy.

One little move every 15 minutes, done any way you want.

Fifteening is free for the public. Employers pay a tiny fee as proof that they have a move-at-work program.

Marketers can test new social tools. Clubs, charities, students, retirees, and unemployed can earn money.


stabilizes blood-sugar and burns it before it can turn to fat. If you already exercise, it maintains your general fitness level while you're at work. If you're a non-exerciser, you start to enjoy moving. These little moves add up, and you may soon realize that you're becoming rather toned. More moves at the website.


Fifteening is exercise in normal clothes, without having to go anywhere. It's the world's cheapest move-at-work program, and the fastest to get started (10 minutes to launch a program in any organization). Used worldwide.


Today, serious employers have a move-at-work program. If you get health litigation, your tiny Fifteening fee is legal proof that you have a program. Click Employers to get yours in minutes. Then appoint a likeable chatty employee to go round talking about it and to be the contact person for our updates and reminders.

Frequent moving during the work-day is recommended by all Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Authorities.

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