Jefferson County Democrats

Member Meeting Draft Minutes

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 6:00-8:30PM

Quilcene Community Center


Public Utilities District (PUD) – Smart meters

        Presentation by Smart Meter Opposition Group (SMOG)

        Presentation by Tom Engle – PUD

        Q & A

I-1600, Washington State Universal Healthcare Initiative

WA Voting Justice – Automatic Voter Registration (tentative)

*** BREAK ***


Call to order: 7:39 PM

Adopt Agenda Move to adopt - Pat Teal M/S/C Moved by David Johnson - to add a line on communication M/S/C  Motion to suspend rules to allow consideration of I-1600 and Amicus Brief by David Johnson - M/S/C Moved to bring forward the 4 resolutions that were postponed till after the Unity Commission Reform David Johnson. M/S/F

Credentials Committee Report - 70 signed in, 70 eligible to vote on resolutions, 68 eligible to vote on endorsements.

Approve Minutes from Member Meeting January 22 - Motion to postpone - David Johnson M/S/F Motion to approve minutes - M/S/C

WA Legislature – What is still in play in Olympia (Diane Jones) You can follow bills on the Jefferson County Democrats web page.

County Convention March 24 - Subcaucus of the 24th LD - elect 3 delegates and 1 alternate to State Convention. And our County Convention - rules will be published in the next 2 weeks. March 14th is deadline for resolutions to be sent to recording secretary. Fort Worden Commons - 10 AM.

Reports from January State Party Meeting -

        Results of resolutions - 2 of the 5 resolutions passed - Broadband and and ISDS passed.

        State Committee representative reports - PCO Handbook almost finished. State level - class on consent.


(Resolution in folder) David Johnson moved to approve the resolution (which includes an endorsement by ⅔ paper ballot.)  M/S/C unanimously Endorsement: eligible 70, votes cast 66 - all valid, # needed to win 47, for 62, against 1, abstaining 3 M/S/C

Communications: David Johnson moved a single email address that would allow members to send an email to the executive board and another single email address that would allow members to send an email to the central committee. M/S/F

For the Good of the Order