Dorset Art Weeks 2022

FAQ for Artists and Venues

Link to Registration Form for DAW 2022

Will there be an Art Weeks Guide?

Dorset Art Weeks 2022 returns after the 2021 event with a revised Dorset Art Weeks Directory which will be available in print from April. The Directory will feature full venue details, regional maps, sequential venue numbering, an artists’ index and opening details so visitors can plan their visits much as they would do with the traditional guide. It will, however, look different to the last guide in 2018 as the event finds a way to deliver information in a cost effective yet efficient format as the event recovers from the impact of the Pandemic.

When and where will information about the event be available to the public?

The Dorset Art Weeks Directory and App will be available from the start of April 2022, with all copies of the Directory in stockists by the end of April, allowing visitors sufficient time to plan their visits. The Directories will be available in cultural outlets and other stockists across the Wessex region, many of these are listed in Evolver Magazine, the free Wessex Arts and Culture guide. The DAW website will also be refreshed in April, with up-to-date artist and venue details. The App will become an additional resource as part of the event, with many benefits and features to complement the Directory.

Information about the event will also appear in special editorial in selected magazines across the region, including a special supplement in the March/April edition of Evolver Magazine.

How will the event be promoted?

The event will be promoted via editorial and advertising in publications including the new Blackmore Vale Magazine, The Marshwood Vale Magazine, Dorset Life, Dorset Magazine, Sherborne Times, Galleries, Country Gardener and other selected titles. The DAW website will be one of the go to places for up to date information and events and latest announcements will also be made on DAW’s social media platforms- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I am a participating artist- what’s the timeline for the production of this year’s event?

Venue Registrations: extended until 24 Jan 2022

30 Jan- 14 Feb: Venue Entries are checked

21 Feb: Venue details go to designer

28 Feb: Proofs start coming out to venues

14- 18 Mar: Proofing week

1 Apr: DAW website and App launched. Directory distribution starts. Artists start collecting Directories

7 Apr: Social Media Campaign starts

12 May: Launch Event (Details tbc)

14- 29 May: Live Social Media and features during the event

DAW will communicate with Venues by email and newsletters so if you are the main contact for your venue, please look out for regular communications as well as updates on social media and the DAW website and pass on to your fellow exhibitors. There are three key dates: Venues will need to register (or re-register) by 14 Jan. Venue proofs will come out from 28 Feb. Venue entry artwork proofs will need to be signed off by 14 March latest so the App and Directory can be launched at the start of April.

What if I am re-registering from 2021?

Venues re-registering will still need to complete a registration form so DAW has up-to-date venue information in one place. This gives venues the opportunity to revise details, change artists, update images, confirm opening times, change location, etc rather than try and update from the existing database.

What are the fees for 2022?

For venues who previously registered in 2020 and took part in 2021, OR postponed and held their fees over, OR registered new for 2021- you will be able to re-register for 2022 for the reduced admin fee of 35% of your original venue fee. Your venue entry size from 2021 will be repeated. For example, if you paid £200 previously in 2020 or 2021 as the venue registration fee, you will only need to pay £70, if you paid £300, you will pay £105 and so on. No further discounts are applicable as these were applied initially. If you are changing artists and/or showing at a different address, you still qualify for this rate and do not need to register as ‘New’.

This fee represents good value to re-run the event with a fair, scaled system for all venues.

What if I am a new venue registering for 2022?

For brand new venues registering for 2022- i.e. those who did not register or pay in 2020 or 2021, a new fee structure will apply for the new Dorset Art Weeks Directory. All options include an entry on the Dorset Art Weeks App:

As the event is being re-run it has been decided to park the ‘Category’ format from 2018 and use a simplified pricing format, scaling accordingly. Please get in touch with for more information.

What about discounts?

Discounts will still be available for new venue registrations (for example 5% discount with DVA Membership as well as Disability Discount) and then be reviewed for the 2024 event. Venues re-registering from 2020 0r 2021 will not be eligible for further discounts as the admin rate will be scaled on the initial payment where the discount was already applied.

What about Covid? Will this still affect the delivery of the event?

It is hard to make firm predictions, but if the situation continues to slowly improve, we advise the following: Artists and Venues may still request that visitors follow basic safety procedures, such as social distancing, sanitising and wearing a mask and to cooperate with any requests made by the Venue. Some Venues may also offer a ‘by appointment’ system to allow some visitors to visit at a time that they feel comfortable with. We will ask that visitors respect each venues’ safety requests. We will also reinforce the message that visitors should check ahead if making a special journey.  

What if the event cannot go ahead?

Planning for the event starts in late summer and work on the event continues until the event has been delivered and feedback has been collected and processed to produce the event report in June. A decision will be made by the DAW board once the registration deadline (14 Jan or thereabouts) has been reached to check that the event can still go ahead. If so, finances and resources will then be committed to the various production costs so once registrations closes, venues will only have 14 days to cancel as they normally would, after which it will not be possible to provide a refund as monies will be committed to these costs. If however, it is decided at this time that the event cannot go ahead, for reasons beyond Dorset Art Weeks/DVA’s control, then the situation will be reviewed and details of the decision and next steps communicated as soon as possible.

Why am I being expected to provide full, final Venue details at the registration stage when I’ve been able to finalise my venue details much later for the 2021 event?

The 2022 event will have a printed Directory with full venue details as well as details on the App and the Website. Although digital platforms provide flexibility, which has been essential at such an uncertain time, a combination of App, Website and Directory means that the same information has to be presented across three platforms. It is too time consuming and increases the chance of errors to keep changing details up until the launch of the event. There should be more certainty for 2022 so venues should be able to plan their opening days and times further in advance again. Venues should also look to standardise their opening times as much as possible, such as limiting the days they cannot, or do not want to, open, or limiting half-day or partial opening which can frustrate visitors. This will help everyone make the most of the 16 days of Art Weeks and lead to a better experience for the visitor. Of course, details can change and situations can crop up, but details should be settled on at the registration stage, any changes at the proofing process should only be for errors.

Are there any other changes for 2022?

The delivery of the 2021 event has been reviewed and changes identified for 2022- these are mainly around the printed Directory and the App but there will be other changes as the event responds to the challenges of the past 18 months. This includes areas like revisions to the press strategy and social media campaigns, improvements to signage, re-developing the area coordinator network and encouraging more local networking, providing more print and publicity resources for venues and improving the distribution strategy. Some things are already in place but it will take time to work on some of the other improvements- but they will become apparent in the coming months.

Is there anything I need to do?

Get involved- help as an Area Coordinator! Keep an eye out for emails and newsletters. And please register your venue by 14 Jan 2022 at the absolute latest.

Any other questions?

Contact Paul Newman, Dorset Art Weeks Producer