Plans Reference Sheet

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Size Limits

11x17 (minimum)

18x24 (minimum)

11x17 with Building Permit

18x24 w/o  Building Permit

11x17 (minimum)

11x17 (minimum)

Technical Requirements

Site plans showing:

Lot lines

All building dimensions

Number of stories

Curbs and sidewalks

Any roads bordering property

Parking spaces, if applicable

Landscaping, including trees

Yards, including all dimensions

For construction or change in occupancy, showing:

Rated construction


Plumbing/mechanical fixtures applicable to the construction or use

Elevation plans are also required for new construction, additions, demolition, and decks (refer to building plans for these requirements)

Requirements vary, but most types of building permit  will require a site and elevation plan, and some will require a rendering

Plans should generally show:

All applicable codes

All loads that may affect design

Design calculations for new construction and load-bearing additions

Soil type for new construction

Rated construction

Egress and all doors

Lot lines for new construction

Mechanical systems (e.g., sprinkler heads or HVAC) for plans altering them

All building dimensions

Floor space in sq. ft.

Site Plan showing:

Lot lines and streets

Proposed sign dimensions Proposed sign location(s) 

Elevation Plan showing: 

Building dimensions

Location of sign

Rendering showing:

Sign size relative to building

Sign dimensions marked  on sign face

Site plans of entire building showing:

Labeled rooms

All doors/egress

Ceiling types and ratings

Wall types and ratings (e.g. 8" cement masonry block wall)

Engineer’s seal required for:

Install or service upgrade w/ connected load of min. 100 K.W./400 amps

Alterations that change occupancy class or path of egress

For special occupancy buildings (e.g., gas stations) with connected load of min. 50 KW/200 amps

Site plans showing:

Building dimensions

Water distribution and piping with all details necessary to define systems being installed

Room and floor numbers

Fixtures, and location

Slopes, where applicable


Sealing for rated construction

For complicated apparatuses, diagrams of the fixtures involved may be necessary

Essentially: show how everything works, seals, and drains; and where each pipe and fixture is located in the building


Engineer: 1” = 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100’

Architect: 1/16; 1/8; 1/4; 3/16

Drawn to any scale

1” = 10, 20, 40, 50, 60, or 100’

Not less than 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4

Drawn to any scale

Plans Required for...

Lot line relocation, including subdivisions and consolidation

New construction, additions, and partial demolition of buildings


Fencing exceeding allowable limitations


Increase in the number of dwelling units in a structure (note: this is not the same as increasing the number of people in the structure: it means you’re renovating to create new units)

Parking lots

New construction of any sort

Alterations except interior one-family alterations


Demolition except of interior, non-load-bearing walls/partitions

Change in occupancy (note: the Certificate of Occupancy is technically a Building Permit)

Installation or modification of fire suppression or mechanical systems

All signs except for those:

Flat-mounted, protruding less than a foot, beginning 12’ high max., ending 15’ high max., under 36 ft. sq., 12’ max. length (any direction), 7 lbs./sq. ft. max. weight, able to withstand 90mph wind for 3 seconds min., under $25,000 total cost, and not in the Historical District.  (Got it?)

New construction (except one- and two-family)


Alterations that involve a change in occupancy or path of egress in areas greater than 2000 sq. ft.

Fire Alarm Systems

Total Rehab of areas greater than 2000 sq. ft. (except one- or two-family dwellings)

Hospitals, Gasoline Stations Special Occupancies

New construction (except one-  and two-family)

Additions (except one and two-family)

Alterations in residential occupancies with 5 (five) dwelling units or more.

Alterations/repairs in other spaces greater than 2,000 sq. ft. (unless installing 7 fixtures or less)

Site Drainage


6 (if streets stamp needed: 7)

3 (if streets stamp needed: 4)

6 (7 w/ streets stamp)

3 (4 w/ streets stamp)

Not specified

Anything Else?

For a complete list of Building Permits that do not require exceptions, see the EZ Permits tab

Three Pictures of Existing Conditions at Property