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Brightspace Youtube Channel

Brightspace Community for Instructors

Workbook Reference Sheet- pdf

Brightspace Notifications - Learner

Quick Eval  - Instructors

Brightspace Updates

The Brightspace Journal (Published 9/17 to 9/18)

Brightspace Updates Via Emails

Brightspace - How to Review a Google Doc

Brightspace Chat & Annotations - Instructors

Brightspace Quick Eval - Filtering & Dismiss Activities



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How to grade an assignment w/rubric and give student feedback

Brightspace - Grading Assignments

How to grade an assignment, that has an associated assignment submission folder with an attached rubric.
NOTE:  NEW options are now available for submission folder types to include:  File, Text, On Paper & Observed in person

Assignments - Grade Submission in Assignments - Instructor

Video Notes & Chat


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How to create a video note in Brightspace

Creating a video note attachment in Brightspace

How to Create a Chat

Brightspace - Chat Tool



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How to grade DB with rubric - Rev. 1.22.18

Brightspace - Grading Discussion Boards

How to set up group restriction by creating a forum with multiple topics and attaching restrictions to topics and groups.

Brightspace: Discussion Board Group Restrictions

How to set group restrictions within a Forum with a single topic.

Created Group Discussions D2L (older video, but does appear to work w/Daylight)

Journals: Use Private Discussion for Journals

How to create Private Journals for Students

How to upload Student Feedback Documents into the General Feedback Box.

Brightspace - Uploading Student Feedback Documents



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How to hide a grade item from a student’s view.

Hiding Grade Items in Brightspace

General grading, including spreadsheet view option.

Grades Tool for Instructors

Releasing Final Grades for Student View

Grade - Release Final Grades - Instructor

Students are not seeing their quiz grade and you are not seeing the grade populated in your grade book.  This video reviews 3 possible fixes - Publishing Grades, Associating Grade Items, Exporting Grades to the grade book.

Quizzes - Transfer Quiz Grades to your Grade Book - Instructor



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List of Brightspace videos pertaining to Group settings which include: Groups and Sections, Understanding Group Enrollments, how to Create a Group, Using Groups with Discussion Boards and more!

List of Brightspace Videos on the topic of “Groups”



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Self - Assessments


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How to create and use self assessments as a study aid 

Creating and Using Self Assessments

Quizzes and Tests


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Create a quiz (one-stop-shop)

Overview of All Quizzing in BS

How to create a quiz and new questions.  Go over various quiz settings options.

Quizzes - Create a New Quiz with New Questions - Instructor

How to customize submission views for a quiz

Customize Submission Views for a Quiz

Customize Submission Views for a Quiz

How to reset a quiz attempt.

Reset Quiz Attempts - Instructor

Quizzes - Reset Quiz Attempts for Learners - Instructor

How to manually grade a quiz question by question. Includes blind view grading.

Quizzes - Manually Grade a Quiz - Instructor

How to add Questions from a Question Library to a Quiz

Creating Questions within the Library

Creating Quiz from Questions in the Library

Adding Questions to a Test Shell

Adding Questions from a Question Library to a Quiz

How to verify and/or attach a quiz to a grade item

Verify or attach a quiz to grade item

Verify or Attach Quiz to a Grade Item

How to change time for existing Quizzes

How to change time on existing quizzes or tests

Shuffle Quiz Questions and Answers

Shuffling Questions & Question Answers

Shuffle Quiz Questions and Answers

Grant Special Access to a User for a Quiz (ADA)

Grant Special Access to a User for a Quiz

Printing a Test in Brightspace

Printing a Test in Brightspace

How to hide grades from a student within a grade column as well as how to hide the final grade. This video also shows additional restriction options.

Hiding grades from students until you are ready to release them

How to release Final Calculated Grades

How to Release/Hide Final Calculated Grades

Exporting a Test/quiz  in brightspace

Exporting a Test/quiz  in brightspace

Importing a Test/quiz  in Brightspace

Importing a Test/quiz in Brightspace

How to customize your quiz view to allow students to see feedback or correct answers.

Quizzes - Customize Submission Views - Instructor

Edit a quiz after it is available and even if some learners have submitted quiz attempts.

Quizzes - Edit a Question During its Availability

Setting Accommodation In quizzes in Brightspace

Setting Special Accommodations in a quiz

Setting Special Accommodations in a quiz

Class Progress


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How to view and modify the class progress report

Class Progress - Use and Modify the Class Progress Report - Instructor

Add Test questions into a Test Shell

(after your test has been imported from the Master)

Add Test Questions into a Test Shell



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How to insert Google files into the HTML editor within Brightspace. (Ex.: Discussion Boards, Announcements, etc.)

How to Insert a Google Drive File

How to authorize your google account in Brightspace

Google Authorization Instructions

Intelligent Agents


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 Intelligent Agents

Effective Practices and Pitfalls - webpage

Intelligent Agents - Create an Intelligent Agent - Instructor

Creating a Practice Run Intelligent Agent

Creating an Intelligent Agent

Intelligent Agents - Perform a Practice Run

Scheduling an Intelligent Agent

Intelligent Agents - View and Edit the Schedule of an Intelligent Agent - Instructor

Delete & Restore an Intelligent Agent

Intelligent Agents - Delete and Restore Intelligent Agents

Run an Intelligent Agent Manually

Manually Run an Intelligent Agent