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Strategy Three:        Use The Best Tools & Resources To Advance Learning

Objective 3.1:                Personal Technology Devices for Learners

Executive Sponsors: Ron Brown, Director of Instructional Technology; Dave Yancey, Director of Operational Technology; Sarah Hanchey, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Three-Year Benchmark Objectives, Actions, Barriers and Outcomes


  1. Expanded 1:1 tablet program with the addition of two classrooms and full implementation at 6th grade at Orchard Middle School.
  2. Hired Elementary Level Instructional Technology Facilitator to assist 1:1 classrooms and improve classroom technology integration at all elementary schools.


  1. Expand Instructional support and training for technology:
  1. Expand 1:1 tablet program to include additional elementary (Mission View and Newbery) and middle school classes (OMS, FMS, PIO)
  2. Pass technology capital levy to support; upgraded classroom hardware, network infrastructure, 1:1 student and staff devices, additional support staff, additional training staff, specialized technology equipment, and time for staff training.


  1. Expand 1:1 tablet program to include additional class at Foothills, the entire 6th grade at Pioneer, additional new staff at 6th grade at Orchard, and one teacher at Wenatchee High Schools
  2. Add iPad Ninja Program at Pioneer
  3. Upgrade all additional staff hardware and tools


  1. Expand 1:1 tablet program to entire 6th grade at Foothills
  2. Reallocate devices at Orchard to create full building 1:1 program (6th-7th iPads, 8th Chromebooks)
  3. Upgrade oldest iPads in the 1:1 program


  1. Reconvene Technology Committee to create three year technology plan

What action steps or strategies need to be explored or developed to reach benchmarks?

What obstacles or barriers need to be addressed?

Who needs to be involved in the planning discussion and action steps for this objective?

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