Spring 2010-Most recent




Play                                                      Role             Year/Association


Pisese Moon                                   Witch          2006  Pisese Moon


Why Mosquitos                            Lion             2007 KOB

 Buzz in People’s Ears  


The Lorax                                      Fish              2008 RR


Snow white (in German)           Hunter,    2008 Hans Galli                                                                King


Harry Potter and the          Quilius

Sorceror’s Stone                 Quirrel                          2009 LDC


De Colores                            Farmer                          2009 KOB


BFG                                                           Tibbs                    

2010 RR


The Lion, The Witch,         Tumnus                                 2010 LDC            

and the Wardrobe  


Harry Potter and the          Rubeus Hagrid           2010 WEST

Chamber of Secrets


Percy Jackson and the  Luke, Hades                 2011 LDC

Lightning Thief


Harry Potter and the          Remus Lupin               2011 WEST

Prisoner of Azkaban


Peter Pan                               Tootles                         2011 LDC


Once in a Pandora’s Box   Zeus                          2012 LDC


Comedy Camp                              Pantalone            2012 KOB


Harry Potter and                 Harry Potter                    2012 WEST

The Goblet of Fire


Alice in Wonderland          Mad Hatter, Walrus,  2012 LDC

Looking glass 3

Harry Potter and the

Order of the Phoenix             Voldemort,Moody                       



The Hobbit:                                   Bilbo                     2013 LDC Baggins



A Midsummer                               Demetrius           2014 LDC

Night’s Dream


Harry Potter and the                       Horace                 2014 WEST

Half–Blood Prince                      Slughorn


Arabian Nights                    King Sharyar               2014 LDC


Macbeth                                           Jessie                           

2015 LDC


Comedia del Arte                         Pantolone           2015 LDC


Harry Potter and the                   Draco Malfoy

Deathly Hallows                            Auntie Mariel   2015 WEST


Snoopy! The Musical                  Linus           2015 GBK


9 to 5 The Musical                    Bob Enright,      2017 GBK                                                          Detective Rogers  

Spitfire Grill                 Jack Duncan    2017 GBK  

But Why Bump  

Off Barnaby?          Barnaby Folcey        2018 GBK

Six Characters in Search         Scott         2018 GBK

of An Author                                                 










Santa Cruz Performing Arts:


Parrot Sketch                       Man with parrot                  


Who’s on First                     Player 1


Amish Paradise                   Amish person