Time: 2.36

1. Don't you just hate it when people pronounce Maori words wrong or even worse the Maori language isn’t used a lot.

Isn't it just annoying?

2. I am Shaniqua and today I will be talking about why the Maori language is important and we should be putting more effort into speaking Maori. So here are three reasons why the maori language is inp

3. Does anyone know why Maori language is important?

Maori language is important because it is part of the New Zealand culture.  New Zealand has  two cultures european and maori and both English and Maori are the official  languages spoken in New Zealand.

4.The treaty of Waitangi was signed on the  6th of  February 1840 by the british government and the maori chiefs and was written in the two different languages so both Maori and European could understand what was written.

5. Some people try speaking maori but they get it wrong but is that a good or bad thing well I say it a good thing because as long that they're trying their best, and some other people are too scared to say maori words or sentences because they might upset other people around them, because they might care about language and they will think that you are saying it on purpose.

6.  Why do we speak maori?

We speak maori because the maori people were the first      people here in New Zealand before the europeans.

That is why it is important.  And the worst thing is…  I hear it on the news, radio, tv and it makes me upset that people don’t know how to say maori words right or forget how to pronounce maori words correct.

7.What if you speak maori wrong what do you think will happen?  I believe if you speak maori wrong you could hurt someone else's culture and feelings and it will make them feel that people have forgotten how to speak their language.  Would you get hurt if someone spoke maori wrong?  I would because it made me feel people in New Zealand can’t remember how to use the maori language.

Well this brings me to the end of my speech and now you should know why Maori is important and you consider my opinions why people should speak maori properly and more.