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Resource for developing graded reading materials for MTB MLE
Suggestions for
 planning, developing, illustrating, editing, translating and evaluating graded reading materials in MTB MLE students’ first language (L1) and other school languages.

Planning mother tongue-based education programs in minority language communities 

See Chapter 8, Literature Development

Examples of MTB MLE student materials

Tetum Alphabet Song

Video of the song to introduce children to the Tetum alphabet in Timor Leste (Tetum, Thanks to the Ministry of Education, Timor Leste)

Grades 3 & 4 Transfer book: Tetum to Portuguese

Students’ transfer book in Timor Leste. Students use what they know about reading and writing in Tetum, the first school language, to begin reading and writing Portuguese--the second school language (Portuguese) Used with permission from the Ministry of Education, Timor Leste.

Grade 5 Student’s language book, TImor Leste

Lessons and activities to build students’ knowledge of Tetum, the school L1 in TImor Leste (Tetum)  Used with permission from the Ministry of Education, Timor Leste.

Math Activity Book G1, LLEME, Liberia

Math activities for Grade 1 children in Liberia.  Directions for each lesson are written in simple English so that LLEME teachers in all fifteen languages can translate them easily.  Used with permission from  LIBTRALO, Liberia.

Graded readers, Kaugel language community, Papua New Guinea

Graded reading materials for one language in the 15-language Liberian Languages and English Multilingual Education (LLEME) program, Liberia

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