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FEM: Field-Expedient Mesh
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FEM: Field-Expedient Mesh


The Field-Expedient Mesh (“FEM”) is a portable deployable Amateur Radio Emergency Digital Network (“AREDN”) wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Network (“MANET”).

FEM can either initiate a local MANET, or extend/augment an existing MANET, particularly in emergent situations, or into areas where MANET coverage might not already exist. It is designed to operate independently of shore-power or existing infrastructure of any kind, and is assembled with Commercial Off The Shelf (“COTS”) components. Once installed into an area that receives sufficient daytime sunlight, FEM should operate unattended for an indefinite period.

Because FEM is made up of COTS components, its cost is relatively low, and its constituent parts are commonly found and interchangeable between vendors.

High-Level Components

  1. Power:
  1. Solar Panel
  2. Battery & Battery Charge Controller
  3. DC Power Adapter
  1. Radio:
  1. Wireless MANET Radio
  2. Antenna
  1. Mast.
  2. Enclosure.

Bill of Materials (BOM) [~$850]

Assembly Instructions

  1. Attach the Omni Antenna to the Lighting Stand.
  2. Connect the Rocket M5 to the Omni Antenna.
  3. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Rocket M5.
  4. Connect the opposite end of the Ethernet cable to the Passive PoE Injector.
  5. Connect the Passive PoE Injector to the DC Barrel Adapter.
  6. Connect the DC Barrel Adapter to the GoalZero DC “Car Accessory” Adapter.
  7. Connect the GoalZero “Car Accessory” Adapter to the GoalZero’s 12 VDC output port.
  8. Power-on the GoalZero.
  9. Attach the Solar Panel to the GoalZero.
  10. Enjoy your new Mesh Network!

Assembly Notes

System Diagrams

Developed by Greg Albrecht W2GMD for the Bay Area Mesh

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