Alejandro Solano


Week 4 Reflection

We all know Gus, we love him and will always see him when we walk into class or if

someone asks Ms.Lesley nicely if we can take him out. Even though I've only known Gus for about a year and a half now, I'm confident enough to say that Gus is comfortable around me. I would say that he knows me but I can't since he has contact with many other people.

With his new cage I'm sure he enjoys, he likes to bask on top where his heat lamp and

flatten himself like a pancake like the picture above shows. I know that Gus is a cold blooded reptile so he can't warm himself like us and stay at that level. Instead, he has to constantly change tones of green to allow him to absorb heat. Darker colors absorb more light and he can increase his surface area by flattening out which allows him to warm himself up. On the other hand, if Gus needs to cool down, all he needs to do is contract himself and change to a light shade of green. All and all, I can say he's a pretty cool dude and everyone loves him unless he pees on your laptop.

Now me being me, I actually found out that reptiles are pretty cool creatures and hope to

get one myself when I move out of my parents house. I was excited after Mr.Botterman said that we were going to obtain some leopard geckos and that we were also going to breed them. I hope to bring my previous knowledge and experience from handling and caring for Lafayette and Gus and apply it to the leopard geckos so they breed well.