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Expert Specialist Membership Program

of Registration

소비자 패널인증서

This is to certify that :

    포쉬디자인아카데미   Korea

본 기관은 소비자저널과 창업경영포럼(창경포럼)이 선정한 소비자평가 솔루션을 도입한 기관임을 증명합니다.

Has been assessed by Presscoop & SMBAfroum Ltd.,

in respect of their

Consumer Oriented Services and found to comply with

ESM 1001: 2017

Approval is hereby granted for registration providing the rules and conditions

Relating to certification are observed at all times.

Part : Consumer Oriented Services , Production of Etc. ,

Certificate Issue Date : 2017. 11.17.esm_seal_prize.jpg

Expiration Date :  2018. 11. 16.

The Seal of KACW & SMBAforum was here to affixed

In the presence of :

Lee, Cris S.M. ________________________
Jeon, Chan Young. _______________   An, Hee Jun _______________________