...is what I DREADED one of the nearby mothers would SHRIEK any second.

I’d only been waiting at the school gates a few minutes before disaster struck.

Something you only imagine happening in your worst nightmares…

Something so humiliating you can NEVER live it down!

A fierce bout of gas hadn’t escaped quietly...

It had triggered something truly AWFUL - I’d just DEFECATED in my underwear.

I froze, hoping the ground would erupt and swallow me whole.

All I could do was wait in shame for one of the hovering mothers to...

wrinkle their nose…

turn in my direction…

point their finger…

and unleash a sh*tstorm of shame that would follow me forever.

A shame that would force me to switch my kid to another school…

A shame that would force me to move house…

A shame that would mean living in fear of people finding out what I did.

These thoughts raced through my head as my heart POUNDED so loud it drowned out the chatter of the mothers around me.

I felt like my life was hanging on a thread.

Until, finally, the school doors yawned opened and out rushed Billy, my son.

I managed a weak smile...an awkward hug...and then gripped his hand as I waddled to the safety of my car and home.

Disaster had been averted THIS time.

But I knew I’d been dragging my heels in fixing my gas, bloating, and EXPLOSIVE bouts of diarrhea. I needed help. I was dying inside.

My name’s Kelly (I hope you’ll excuse me using a pen name under the circumstances). And you may be wondering why I’m sharing such an embarrassing story on the internet?

The reason is because I’m hoping my journey to fixing my gut will help other people in the same situation. As millions of people now struggle with indigestion problems, and it’s not for the reason they may think.

The good news is there’s a simple fix.

As my traumatic experience at the school gates did have a positive outcome.

It led to me finally…

Healing the reason why my digestive problems had got out of control.

What I discovered is that my rumbling stomach and mad dashes for a bathroom WEREN’T from eating too much junk food…

They WEREN’T because I was carrying too many pounds…

They WEREN’T even from not getting enough exercise.

While these were all factors, NONE of them were the ROOT CAUSE of why my guts felt tied in knots, waiting to be SQUEEZED by invisible hands before I’d go HURTLING for a bathroom.

It was because I was suffering from a severe gut imbalance. 

An infestation of bad bacteria that had DESTROYED my gut’s ability to turn food into nutrients and fat into energy like it’s supposed to.

And I’m not alone in suffering from the “belly plague”.

The embarrassing symptoms of gas, bloating and diarrhea, collectively known as IBS, affect about 1 in 6 people - but only 1 in 12 gets help from a doctor![1]

Despite this, it’s STILL the most common health disorder doctors see in their examination room.[2] 

And I can attest at how much misery it causes...how it ruins your daily life...and how disgusting and rotten it makes you feel inside.

Yet, here’s the good news...

I’ve discovered a...

100% NATURAL way of revitalizing the gut

So you gain the ideal gut balance and can EXTERMINATE the bad bacteria that causes so many health problems.

It takes just five minutes to do. Yet it feeds your body with probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes in their most natural form.

And I can attest how transformative this simple addition at breakfast can be for your health.

As in just a few weeks of implementing it, my bouts of cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea faded away…

I stopped having to plan my days around getting to a bathroom.

But not only that...

My cravings for fast food VANISHED.

Even my skin became clearer.

My energy levels rocketed.

Brain fog blown away.

I almost never feel hungry now, or snack between meals like I used to.

Even the bags of ugly fat around my arms, belly and thighs have deflated.

I feel great!

I feel on top of the world. And like my accident at the school gates happened to another person.

What was the catalyst to this dramatic transformation in my gut, weight and all round health?



I’m NOT talking about probiotics formulated in a lab and pressed into a cold pill.

I’m talking about the REAL NATURAL probiotics found in fruits, seeds, roots, and yogurts.

This includes 3 special gut restorers I unearthed when researching the world’s most potent natural probiotic ingredients:

1. The World’s Most Potent Fat Burning Probiotic 

I discovered a yogurt that originates in the Caucasus Mountains of Eastern Turkey. In fact, it’s name in Turkish actually means "feeling good" due to the flood of healthy sensations you get after eating it.[3]

It also contains a probiotic strain proven by a team of Japanese scientists, in the largest study of its kind, to melt away 8.5% of belly fat in just two months.[4]

2. A Nourishing Prebiotic Dating Back to Ancient Egyptian Times

When their torches lit up the passageways of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, archeologists discovered inscriptions detailing how ancient healers used a particular root to remedy all manner of ailments.

Modern scientists have since verified its medicinal benefits after discovering it can works wonders for the digestive tract.[5] 

It acts like a fertilizer in feeding HEALTHY bacteria so they multiply, spread, and wipe out the disease spreading bad guys.

3. A duo of digestive enzymes found in a Caribbean fruit you can buy in your local supermarket

As their name suggests, digestive enzymes aid with digestion. They help to break food down into nutrients for your gut bacteria to absorb. Sadly, our body’s natural level of enzymes deplete after age 50, so you need to boost them through food.

I discovered a popular Caribbean fruit that’s packed with enzymes that help your gut metabolize carbs and sugars on overdrive for enhanced energy and vitality. It also helps bulletproof your digestion from gas and bloating.

After discovering these three ingredients I used them as a base to create a...

Gut enriching, health revitalizing smoothie

A breakfast drink you can make in less than 5 minutes yet is packed with the most potent natural gut health restorers on earth.

You could say it’s like three supplements in one. Only better!

And this is no idle boast.

As my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie contains:

  • Up to 30 strains of probiotics
  • 20 billion friendly bacteria
  • The prebiotic Inulin
  • Digestive enzymes that include amylase, maltase and bromelain

All in their most natural form, rather than artificially formulated and sold as a pricy supplement that barely works.

In a minute, I’ll reveal how you can get my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie recipe so you can start making it yourself and revitalizing your gut health in just 5 minutes each morning.

First, I’d like to quickly share what led to me developing a drink I believe can be life transforming for millions of people.

Because if you:

  • Suffer from gas, bloating, diarrhoea or any other weak digestion symptoms like I used to (which big pharma’s best medicines can only relieve and NEVER heal)

  • Are desperate to lose the 5, 10 or even 15 lbs of stubborn fat you need to achieve your ideal body (yet HATE starvation dieting, bootcamp workouts and being lectured on what to eat every mealtime)

  • Battle with energy levels that bounce around like a pinball machine (and force you to “top up” on sodas, sugary buns and snacks just to get through the day)

Then you’re going to love my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie recipe.

As it can resolve all these issues and more…

Just from a single glass at breakfast!

It offers so many health benefits it may even replace the handful of supplements you’re taking already.

I only wish I’d discovered it sooner.

As a few months ago, my gut was in a RANCID state.

At first I thought my cramps, bloating, and diarrhoea were due to a virus. I thought they’d pass.

But as guts felt entangled like a hose pipe...rumbled with toxic gas like a putrid volcano...and ERUPTED with pain that made me wince and stampede to the ladies room (often only barely making it in time to slam the door and collapse on the seat) I knew I needed help.

It was time to swallow my pride and speak to my doctor.

When I explained how I suffered biting stomach cramps…painful gas…and watery stools even after chomping on a bread stick...he nodded sagely.

Hh had a gentle smile that said he understood.

I half expected him to reach in his pocket and unveil a new wonder pill.

A breakthrough magic medicine that could UNTWIST the knots in my guts so I could finally eat in restaurants again.

But my hopes were dashed.

Instead, he suggested I drank more water, lost some weight, and, bizarrely, tried eating mustard

(someone had told him it helps).

Thinking I must be speaking to the crazy doctor on 30 Rock, I pleaded for a second opinion. And after a little persuading, he agreed to refer me to a GI doctor.

On the GI doctor’s icy cold examining table I was then put through a grueling series of tests.

She asked lots of awkward questions about my bowels...took a blood sample...and even examined my back passage with her finger.

After this teeth clenching experience, she pulled off her rubber gloves... flung them in a bin...and gave me her conclusion:

I had IBS.

“No s&it sherlock!” I thought.

And her advice?

To cut out dairy and gluten, start taking a daily probiotic supplement, and take antispasmodics to keep the cramps at bay.

So as anyone would, I did as instructed.


  • Cut out milk, eggs, and white bread
  • Filled my cabinet with gut health meds
  • Bought the most impressive sounding probiotic supplement I could find

And did these steps work?

I’ll admit, there was an improvement in my bowel movements. And I did have fewer mad dashes for the bathroom.

But whether from the medications or the probiotic, I started getting INTENSE bloating and gas.

Almost as bad as before.

I’d often be hunched over the table clutching my tummy in the middle of breakfast.

From the look on poor Billy’s face, I can only imagine he thought an alien was about to explode from my chest.


The probiotic supplement wasn’t working.

So I switched to the most radical diet I could find - the Low FODMAP diet.

I cut out all the high carb foods, like with the Keto diet.  

And just like with Keto, I found Low FODMAP INCREDIBLY complicated to follow.

I had to plan my meals with military precision.

But even then l suffered from the drained energy...gnawing cravings...and all the dieting misery I’d been through so many times before.

By this stage I felt more lost, confused, and frustrated than when I’d started.

I felt like I was searching for the Holy Grail - A simple way of remedying the “belly plague” that was festering in my guts.  

Did such a thing exist?

Or would I forever be cursed with a rumbling stomach warning me a dirt bomb was about to explode?

Would I never live a normal life again?

Yet, I’m delighted to say, that one day I made a breakthrough.

At the time, what I knew about digestion and the human body you could fit on a postage stamp.

So I was happier than a pig in mud to get a series of emails from Gareth Churchill from Erudite Lifestyle (a newsletter I’d subscribed to eons ago, but can’t remember exactly why) telling me all about it.

He discussed how IBS, obesity, high blood sugar, cholesterol and every serious health condition you can think of are rocketing year after year.

But NOT for the reason you might think.

Yes, poor diets and lack of exercise are factors.

But, breaking science is fast revealing that…

The core of ALL health issues is found in your gut.

As Gareth explained, in your gut are billions of microbes.

It’s like a garden, with all sorts of bacteria, fungi and microscopic life competing for food, living space, and survival.

And they’ve evolved over millions of years to play a vital role in:

  • Digesting food
  • Producing nutrients for your muscles, organs, and brain
  • Repairing cell damage
  • Creating and regulating hormones
  • Controlling food cravings
  • Managing all sorts of complex biological processes that keep you fit and healthy

In fact, the gut is so integral to our health that scientists have started referring to it as your “second brain”.[6] Amazingly, your gut even contains the same number of neurons as a cat’s brain.[7]

More importantly, what you should know about the gut is that…

It’s in a constant state of war.

Because you see, the good and bad bacteria are engaged in a constant battle for dominance.[8] 

As not all of the bacteria in your gut are healthy.

Your digestive tract is also host to BAD bacteria.

These bad microbes have no interest in your survival.

Instead they love to gorge on carbs and sugars. This makes them swell in size and spread like an invading army.

And if they start occupying more space in your gut, they DESTROY your ability to digest food properly.

This can result in...

X Gas, bloating, and diarrhea

X Drained energy

X Cravings for junk foods

X Chronic weight gain

X Hormones going haywire

X Weakened immunity

X Sleeping problems

X A chain reaction of ill health

If you suffer from any of these issues, it’s likely your gut health is in disarray.

So you see, the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut isn’t just a celebrity fad.

It’s not just some cool health trend you read about on Buzzfeed or Cosmo that will be replaced in a few months.

It is the ROOT of ALL health in your body.

Now here’s the good news…

When you can replenish your gut with healthy bacteria and wipe out the bad guys, it triggers transformative health benefits throughout your body:

 You can digest food properly again

 Gas, bloating, and diarrhea fade

 INcreased nutrients can flow to your muscles, brain and vital organs

You feel lifted with natural energy

 Your hormones rebalance

 You feel happier...less anxious

 Even your immunity gets better reinforced against ill health and disease

Now, if this is the first time you’ve heard all this, I know it’s a LOT to take in.

But don’t worry, as I’ve created a resource that explains it all in simple language. I’ll share how you can get a copy in a minute.

Right now, the important thing to know is that none of what I’m telling you is exaggeration or guesswork.

It’s all proven in a mounting weight of studies.

This includes an experiment where scientists took the gut bacteria from an obese mouse and put it in the gut of a thin mice.

In just a matter of days the thin mouse BALLOONED in size.

And this was without making any changes to its diet.[9]

Just from having more of the bad bacteria in its gut.

The same effect is found in humans too.

Studies of identical twins have found that the fatter twin has a lot more bad bacteria in their gut than their skinny sibling.[10]

While a study of 300 Danes found that those who were overweight had guts PACKED with junk food loving bad bacteria.[11] 

This meant they were doomed to struggle with digestive problems and stubborn belly fat no matter how much they spent on workout gadgets...trendy detoxes...or appetite suppressant pills.

And it gets worse..

As an infestation of bad bacteria has been found to be COMMON among people with autoimmune disease, diabetes, autism, and even Parkinson’s.[12] 

After I read all this in Gareth’s emails I had to have a lie down. It was truly shocking to discover how the root of ALL ill health is now believed to be in the gut.

And it gave me an awful thought:

Was my IBS an early warning of more severe health problems?

Anxiously, I fired Gareth an email:

And you know what happened...I got a reply!

Gareth revealed what I’d been hunting for months: The Holy Grail for healing the “belly plague” and ending my IBS misery!

What was it?

The gut health smoothie I mentioned earlier.

Before sharing it, Gareth first explained why he wasn't surprised I’d been struggling to get answers.

While doctors have our best interests at heart, they’re too overloaded with insurance paperwork and appointments to keep track of the latest advances in functional health and nutritional science.

Instead, they get most of their information from you-know-who:


Global conglomerates that make billions from treatments that only medicate the symptoms and do NOTHING to heal the underlying cause.

Their business model relies on pushing pills, bottles, and prescriptions they can trademark and sell at a huge markup.

So they have ZERO interest in promoting natural remedies which heal the body from the inside and would potentially make their drugs redundant.

So you’re unlikely to hear what I’m about to share with you in your doctor’s office or from their buddies in Big Media...

As the probiotic smoothie recipe Gareth revealed could be TRANSFORMATIVE to people’s all round health...and not just their ability to digest food properly again.

It has the potential to:

 Repopulate people’s guts with healthy bacteria and eradicate the disease spreading bad guys

Revitalize the gut’s ability to turn food into nutrients and fat into energy

Resolve health issues like IBS, chronic fatigue, and brain fog, naturally and without side effects

My Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie can provide all these health benefits while also saving people a fortune on pricy probiotic supplements which, for reasons I’ll now reveal, barely work.

Because you see...

Probiotic supplements may be the biggest scam of the century.

Whether it’s celebrities like Kim K, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow singing their praises or suspicious articles in Women’s Health that read more like adverts, probiotic supplements are promoted as miracle cures.

Four million Americans now swallow them daily. And they’ve become the third most commonly taken supplement, with their use quadrupling since 2007.[13]


while they’re marketing with BIG claims and make even BIGGER profits for supplement companies…

the latest science suggests pricy probiotic pills ARE NOT the health miracle we’re being told.

Because you see...

Probiotic supplements may not stay in the gut long enough to do any good

The jury has long been out on whether JAMMING probiotics into a pill is a smart idea.

Skeptics have long been suspected they don’t stay in the gut long enough to do any good, and any positive results are just the placebo effect.

In Scientific America, Matthew Ciorba, a gastroenterologist at Washington University in St. Louis, had this to say about them:

The science underlying microbe-based treatments, however, shows that most of the health claims for probiotics are pure hype. The majority of studies to date have failed to reveal any benefits in individuals who are already healthy.[14]

Pretty scathing, huh?

And two recent studies, by the Weizmann Institute of Science,  published in the respected health journal Cell verified why this criticism is well placed.[15] 

In the first study, 25 volunteers took a probiotic containing 11 strains of "good" bacteria.

A tube shaped video camera (endoscope) was then SHOVED into their gut, inch by stomach heaving inch.

When the camera finally reached their small intestine, the researchers saw something that could spell disaster for the profits of probiotic supplement companies.

As they discovered…

Almost NO EVIDENCE that the participants had swallowed the probiotics at all.

In fact, the only evidence was found in the toilet bowl afterwards.

This study backed up what the skeptics have said all along: Probiotic supplements do little more than make expensive poo.

The second study was perhaps more alarming.

It sought to verify if taking probiotic supplements could repopulate the gut with good bacteria after a dose of antibiotics, which doctors regularly recommend.

If you didn’t know, taking antibiotics is like setting off a nuclear bomb in your gut.

They INCINERATE all the bacteria that’s down there - both the good and the bad.

So regular use of antibiotics regularly could actually INCREASE your risk of ill health over the long-term.

When you consider that 4 in 5 Americans takes a dose of antibiotics every year[16]


in the US antibiotics are fed to livestock on an industrial scale (in fact, 80% of ALL antibiotics produced are used to fatten farm animals)[17]

Is it any wonder rates of IBS...obesity...diabetes...Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease...and every chronic disease you can think of are ROCKETING out of control?

The amount of antibiotics we’re ingesting could be a key reason why.

So, back to the study...

Participants were chosen who’d recently taken a course of antibiotics. They were given a probiotic supplement and their intestines analyzed.

It was found that while the probiotics DID manage to stay in the gut long enough to colonize and spread - this had unintended consequences.

As the probiotic supplement bacteria STOPPED naturally generated bacteria from returning.

Instead, the participants’ guts were filled with bacteria grown from a pill.

This doesn’t sound like it’s going to be healthy. And the lack of bacteria diversity may spell trouble for the health of the participants down the road.

So based on these two studies, it looks like the skeptics in the science community have been right all along: Probiotic supplements are NOT an effective way of revitalizing gut health.

Thankfully, there’s no need to waste money on overpriced supplements that slip through your body faster than a racing snake through a drain pipe.

As I discovered you can...

Gain All the Probiotics You Need from FOOD

It sounds so simple. Yet when I reveal how to do it you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t doing this already.

Because you see, there are many foods PACKED with healthy, gut enriching probiotics in their most natural form.

And by eating these foods, you can repopulate your body with good, health enriching probiotics.

Probiotics your gut will welcome as friends (rather than stop them getting a foothold and force them through into the toilet bowl).

And thanks to my smoothie recipe, you don’t have to force down fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha (which are an acquired taste, I can tell you) to consume them.

In fact, all you need to do is pop a selection of fruits, seeds, roots and natural digestive health restorers into a blender…

Press “start”...

et Voila!

You get a drink packed with everything your gut needs to revitalize its health enriching good bacteria so you can digest food properly again…

So you can send more nutrients flowing to your muscles, brain, and vital organs…

And trigger health transformations throughout the body!

So what’s in the recipe?

I’ll get to that in a minute. First here’s how it came about…

When Gareth replied to my email it started me on a mission to ensure no one else suffered the shame I went through at the school gates.

As after discovering it was poor gut health to blame for my cramps, bloating, and diarrhea…

How studies show expensive probiotic supplements don’t work

And that the best way to boost my good bacteria and wipe out the bad guys is through food

I set out to create my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie.

A smoothie that combines:

Nature’s most potent “FAT INCINERATING” probiotic found in the Caucasus mountains

The ancient Egyptian bacteria NOURISHING prebiotic

Caribbean carb ANNIHILATING  digestive enzymes

with nutrient dense fruits and nuts...all in one glass!

After getting a list of nature’s most potent probiotics from Gareth…

I rushed to Trader Joe's to load up on all the fruits, seeds, and other special ingredients he recommended (I even bought a new blender just for the occasion).

I then spent HOURS painstakingly trying out all sorts of combos. 

After each smoothie creation, I noted down the ingredients, the precise quantities, and whether it passed the taste test.

I even roped Billy into my kitchen table experiments. And even with his sweet tooth, I was able to whip up a smoothie he LOVED.

The one constant was that every smoothie must contain my 3 special gut revitalizing ingredients:

Secret Ingredient # 1 - World’s Most Potent Probiotic

This type of yogurt, which originates in the cold barren Caucasus Mountains between Turkey and Georgia, contains as many as 30 strains of good bacteria in their most natural form.

This is SIX TIMES more than you’d get in a typical probiotic supplement, which often only have 4 or 5 strains.

Simply add half a cup to your smoothie and it feeds it with the most potent digestion restoring...fat burning...hormone balancing NATURAL probiotic strains in existence.

You can buy this probiotic ingredient from most large food stores ready made.

Or if you want to save some money, you can ferment it yourself at home from milk (don't worry, it’s easy to do. I’ve written down step-by-step instructions on how to do).

Secret Ingredient # 2 - Gut Health Nourishing Prebiotic

Prebiotics are foods that help nourish good bacteria with what they need to spread, multiply and grow.

So taking a prebiotic along with a probiotic is essential.  And there’s no need to take prebiotics in pill form either.

As I discovered a potent natural prebiotic that originates in Ancient Egypt.

If the legend is true, Cleopatra spread it under her bed before seducing the Roman general Mark Anthony.


Now whether this actually happened, I have no clue.

Yet if this secret prebiotic gives me an ounce of Cleopatra’s fabled beauty and sex appeal I’m willing to give it a try!

This ingredient also has a long history in alternative medicine for its perceived anti-inflammatory effects.

It is the richest natural source of “inulin” in the world, which is a fibrous prebiotic.[19] 

It’s also packed with polyphenols that are believed to help protect the cells in your body from free radical damage...to support a healthy liver...and even manage joint pain.[20] 

No wonder Cleopatra stayed so beautiful for so long!

Secret Ingredient # 3 - Caribbean Digestive Enzymes

Along with probiotics and prebiotics, digestive enzymes are another hot supplement flying from the shelves. They’re also another health enriching ingredient you can get naturally from food.

Digestive enzymes help your body to break down carbs and sugars properly, so they can be used for energy instead of creating ugly fat around your belly, thighs, and upper arms.

The digestive enzyme I’ve included in my ultimate probiotic recipe come from a cheap, commonly available Caribbean fruit that’s packed with the enzymes amylase and maltase (in case you were wondering).[21]

My Smoothie is a Catalyst for Change

There are plenty of probiotic smoothie recipes available online. But NONE contain my unique combination of prebiotics + prebiotics + digestive enzymes. These special ingredients give my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie a wealth of gut revitalizing, health enriching benefits you won’t find in any other smoothie.

And what I’m offering is MUCH more than just a smoothie recipe. I’m offering you a complete transformation program.

As I need to be straight with you - I didn’t just rely on the smoothie to magically make my digestion and weight problems disappear.

Anybody who tells you that you can get a rock’n body while still eating junk food and rarely getting off the couch doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

I knew that if I didn’t also make sensible changes to my horror show of a diet, my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie would make little difference on its own.

So let’s be clear - my smoothie is not a miracle cure.


Because you see, what’s great about my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie is that it makes everything else you need to do SO much easier.

As along with being packed with probiotics, prebiotics AND digestive enzymes - it’s nutrient dense.

What this means is that it fills your body with the nutrients it craves fast. This sends a message to your brain like lightning that you’re full and don’t need to eat any more.

This in turn keeps cravings at bay.

Trust me, when you feel less hungry, making sensible changes to your diet becomes a HECK of a lot easier.

It’s that simple.

Eat Like a Gut Healthy Diet to Gain a Slimmer Waist

After making the decision to change my health and eating habits, I cleared out my fridge.

Into a trash bag went all the pizzas...sugar loaded bagels...sodas...luncheon meat...and other processed Frankenfoods.

In their place I switched to a diet rich in gut healthy dishes. Because you see, like any garden, your gut microbiome needs nourishment.

Processed foods, refined carbs, and refined grains are like feeding this garden weed killer.

They DECIMATE the good bacteria while allowing the bad bacteria to spread like weeds.

Whereas foods high in dietary starch and fiber feed your gut with vital nutrients that help the good bacteria to flourish.

And these were the foods I discovered in Gareth’s eBook Eat Your Way to a Healthy Gut.

But please don’t think this is like a normal “diet” of calorie counting, starvation and misery.

The word “diet” makes me cringe and think of yo-yoing body shapes and rebound weight. With the Gareth’s diet there’s no starvation involved. You’re free to eat as much as you wish, as the foods are packed with nutrition that fill you up fast.

(If you’d like to implement Gareth’s diet along with my ultimate probiotic smoothie, you can get a copy free when you order The Gut Health Transformation further down this page and join the Erudite Lifestyle newsletter)

But I didn’t just stop at changing my diet. I started to exercise too.

I began taking Billy for brisk walks after dinner (I know he’d rather play video games, but fresh air does him good) and taking the stairs instead of the lift at work.

Now, these changes didn’t turn me into Meg Ryan overnight.

Yet after a couple of weeks I did notice that my stomach wasn’t rumbling like thunder

My cramps started to fade...

And my stomach no longer inflated like a balloon after meals.

Yet the most obvious sign that my digestion had improved was in my bathroom habits.

No longer was I having to rush for a bathroom within minutes of eating.

And best of all…

No longer did I have to wait at the school gates in fear, dreading a sudden rumbling in my stomach.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to stop having my enjoyment of life RUINED by cramps, bloating or diarrhea.

Instead I finally have a digestive system that works...a gut that’s able to break food down into nutrients like it’s supposed to...and a body filled with the energy and joy to seize the day!

My mind seems clearer and I can focus better without the rollercoaster ride of energy rushes and crashes from soda or coffee.

And I gained another surprising benefit I wasn’t expecting…


If I’m being honest, I don't know if it was because of my revitalized gut...my gut healthy diet...my brisk walks...or, most likely, all three together.

But whatever it is, it’s WORKING!

The wobbly sacks of flat on my upper arms have started deflating... while my stomach feels flat as a pancake.

I’ve even been able to slide into my favorite pair of jeans again for the first time in years!

It really has been a revelation for me in how feeding your gut with a daily dose of healthy probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes can work wonders for your health.

And when you feel good about the way you look it naturally boosts your confidence too! 

Let’s face it, the world will never be perfect. We will always be judged by our appearance.

When you’re overweight people think less of you.

They think you’re lazy.

Lacking in willpower.

Or don’t care about how you look.

Whereas when you’ve slimmed down, people seem to respect you more.

They’re more likely to see you as someone in control. Successful. Disciplined. An achiever.

Disclaimer - I’m not claiming my probiotic smoothies make you look like this. Just illustrating a point.

All I can tell you that is I seem to be getting more sidelong glances from the dads at Billy’s school since drinking my morning smoothie (or maybe it’s just my imagination. Ha! Ha!)

These changes have all been such a revelation I knew I couldn't keep it all to myself.

I want more women to benefit from the transformation program I experienced too.

I want more women who suffer from IBS like I did, to discover how they can fix their gut problems while revitalizing their health, appearance, and confidence ALL at the same time.

So here’s what I’ve done…

I’ve collected my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie recipe along with recipes for many other smoothies into an easy-to-follow, easy-to-digest digital book.

What this means is there’s no need to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

You can be downloading and making the recipes within minutes (if you’ve got all the ingredients in your fridge, of course).

Yet, this guide is so much more than just a collection of smoothie recipes. It’s an ENTIRE health transformation system from gaining a stronger, healthier gut.

So I’ve called it The Gut Health Transformation.

It comprises of concise, jargon free information on everything you need to know about gut health and how to restore it through food. It’s the guide I wish I’d had when trying to tackle my gut issues.

Here’s what it covers:

 Gut Health Check - A quick test to gauge what state your gut is in and if it’s to putting you at risk of chronic weight gain, IBS and other health problems (but don’t worry. Use your first score as a starting point. You’ll be amazed how much better your score is in a few weeks time).

 Latest science on how junk foods destroy the gut microbiome and make you crave all the junk foods that are lethal to your health (if more people knew about this it could put the processed food industry out of business)

 The link between poor gut health and obesity, dementia, autism, diabetes and heart disease (if you’re currently taking statins, this chapter will be of particular interest)

 How a healthier gut can actually make you smarter, as well as slimmer

 Step-by-step instructions on making the world’s most potent probiotic from fermented milk and a secret ingredient

 Shopping lists for all the fruits, seeds, nuts and 3 special ingredients you need to make my smoothie recipes

 My #1 Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie recipe (with an extra variation to satisfy your taste buds)


  • Detox smoothies x 2
  • Smoothies for Strong Bones & Joints x 2
  • Smoothies for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails x 1
  • Stress Relief Smoothies x 2
  • Mood Enhancing Smoothies x 2
  • Blood sugar and heart healthy smoothies

And these special bonuses...

Bonus 1 - Probiotic Smoothie for Weight Loss x 2

If you struggle with rolls of stubborn fat around your stomach, thighs, and upper arms despite calorie counting and getting regularly exercise...the problem is likely your gut.

When it’s clogged up with bad bacteria, your gut struggles to process food properly. Instead of being turned into nutrients, more of it gets turned into ugly fat.

My Probiotic Smoothies for Weight Loss contains key probiotic strains known to be beneficial for weight loss.

Along with the key weight loss probiotic L-Gasseri, found in a huge Japanese study to trigger 8.5% loss of belly fat on its own, these smoothie recipes contain prebiotics and digestive enzymes known to assist with weight loss.

The added benefit of my Probiotic Weight Loss Smoothies is that they will help keep you feeling full until lunch time.

So you’re less likely to snack between meals or be craving carbs and sugars. Making your attempts to switch to sensible eating a heck ton easier.

Bonus 2 - Probiotic Smoothie for Energy x 2

Ever wondered why some people bounce around with energy like the Duracell bunny while most of us struggle to wake up without dousing our brains in coffee?

Scientists have discovered that it’s all to do with tiny power plants in our cells called “mitochondria”. These are vital for energy and repair throughout the body.[22]

But when you eat too much junk food, suffer from stress, and have poor digestion, your mitochondria become starved of energy. You then feel sluggish, grouchy, and miserable.

Thankfully, like any battery, your mitochondria can be RECHARGED.

This is exactly what my Energy Restoring Smoothies are designed to do!

Along with fruits known or their energy benefits, the key ingredient in these smoothies is hemp seed.

This is a natural type of protein that’s kinder to your belly than the whey proteins bodybuilders chug down by the flask full.

Hemp seed also feeds your mitochondria with a natural boost of energy, for all day productivity with fewer jitters or energy crashes.

Bonus 3 - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Your IBS Questions Answered

Here’s a fraction of the information you’ll find in this short yet packed guide:

  • Connection between the brain and gastrointestinal tract
  • Vital role of the amino acid tryptophan
  • How not to confuse IBS with inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD)
  • Little known causes of IBD

  • How to tell the difference between IBD and colon cancer
  • Alarming symptoms that tell you to see a doctor
  • Telling the difference between IBS, celiac disease and Crohn's disease
  • Why celiac disease and IBS often occur together
  • How to know if stress is driving your IBS
  • 5 unusual alternative home therapies for IBS
  • Probiotics and their impact on IBS (info you never read on the label)
  • Top 6 yoga poses for IBS
  • How to implement the FODMAP diet (quick start guide)

Bonus 4 - Simple Home Workouts + 30 Days of Motivation

If you’re like me and DREAD the thought of sweating buckets in step classes (or whatever the latest fad is), then you’re going to love my set of simple home workouts.

Here’s what you get:

10 x Workout Instructional Videos - Watch how to do each simple exercise in your living room

30 Day workout Plan - This starts easy but gradually raises the intensity

30 Days of Motivation - Gain guidance and inspiration to follow the videos and workout plan and on track to achieving your dream body.

Unlike most videos on YouTube, these are not workouts for bench bros or gym bunnies. They’re for average Joes and Joannes who just want to get the blood pumping and feel energized.

Because if the workouts are too hard, you’ll never do them, right?

Yet, I’m hoping that as you get into the habit of doing these light exercises...feel the rush of endorphins...and notice the weight coming off...you’ll use these workouts as a springboard to more demanding exercise in the future.

I’ve been told similar video workout courses retail for $30 or more on the internet. Yet Im going to give the complete set of videos and the workout plan FREE with my Gut Health Transformation guide.

As I consider daily exercise as vital to your long-term health and happiness as healing and strengthening your gut.

So I guess this is the point where I reveal how much you’ll need to invest to gain all the goodies in my Gut Health Transformation system?

Before I answer that, I’d like to ask you to imagine...

What is Having a Healthier Gut Worth to You?

What difference would it make to your daily life to have a gut that digests food properly like it’s supposed to?

To go from having a gut so clogged up with bad “fat spreading” bacteria that it SHOVES undigested food into your cells to create rolls of ugly fat…

To a gut that converts food into nutrients and energy...

A gut able to nourish your muscles, heart, lungs, and brain with the minerals they crave to stay fit and healthy.

Or how about being free of uncontrollable food cravings?

To no longer hear those whispering voices calling you to get the ice cream in the freezer…

Or to break free of the invisible force pulling you towards the desserts aisle.

Or how about all the money you could save on supplements?

If you’re taking supplements already, or thinking about taking them, then my Gut Health Transformation is a steal in comparison.

Let’s do some simple math…

A 60 day probiotic supplement costs $20 or more

A 60 day prebiotic supplement costs $20 or more

A 60 day digestive enzyme costs $20 or more

That’s $60 a month for supplements with weak scientific proof they work, at best.

When you calculate what you’d spend on these supplements in a year, that comes to $720! 

Yet with no guarantee you’ll gain ANY improvement in your gut health...ANY relief of digestive issues...ANY reduction in food cravings...or ANY weight loss.

Why risk all that money when my Gut Health Transformation can provide you with all these vital gut restoring nutrients from FOOD.

In fact, I’m so confident it’s superior to swallowing a handful of cold pressed pills, I’m willing to GUARANTEE my Gut Health Transformation will work (I’ll explain why in a minute)!

So with my smoothie recipes alone, you can save $720 a year.

Let’s do a quick a breakdown of what I’m offering:

The Gut Health Transformation

($45 value)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Your Questions Answered

($29 value)

Home Workouts + 30 Days Motivation

($37 value) 

Total - $111

I think $111 is a drop in the ocean for gaining near PERMANENT relief from cramps, bloating, and diarrhea. If someone had offered me relief from my IBS for $111 I’d have bitten their hand off!

Remember, this is a one time investment for a gut health revitalising solution you can use for the rest of your life.

It may even save you hundreds of dollars a year.

THOUSANDS over your lifetime on medications and hospital bills down the road.

But I’m not going to ask you to invest $111 to gain my Gut Health Transformation and all its bonuses. Not even close.

I’m not going to even ask you for half that amount.

And your investment today?

All I ask is that you invest just $37.97.

That’s less than 6% of what you’d otherwise spend on supplements in a single year. Yet for a gut health revitalizing system you can use for the rest of your life!

Do you think $37.97 is a drop in the ocean for gaining long-term relief from stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea?

Would you pay $37.97 to lose the 5, 10 or 15 lbs you need to gain your dream body?

Then delay no longer. Simply follow the link to get started:

>>>Click here to get started on your gut health transformation

You’ll then be taken to a product page screen that looks like this:

On this screen you can review exactly what The Gut Health Transformation covers.

Then when you’re ready, scroll down and click on “Add to Basket”. Then just follow the prompts to get to the checkout screen. Here you enter your personal details and then press the PayPal button.

Your payment is then processed by PayPal using the same rock solid security used by millions of merchants all over the world.

You’ll then get your copy of Gut Health Transformation emailed to you instantly.

Get a Revitalized Gut in 60 Days or Your Money Back

I’m so convinced that if you simply follow the steps in my Gut Health Transformation you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your digestion, reduction in symptoms like bloating, constipation and gas, and perhaps even lose some weight…

That if you notice no improvement in your health digestion, fail to lose a single pound of weight, or just don’t get round to putting it into action, then I’ll refund every cent within 60 days.

I won't even ask you to delete the digital copy from your computer, tablet or phone. Or use any hocus pocus to delete it remotely.

What matters to me is that nobody suffers from the digestive problems, uncontrollable weight gain, and misery like I did.

As I discovered, there’s no need to live with bloating, gas and diarrhea.

There’s no need to live in dread of a rumbling at the pit of your stomach warning you to get to a bathroom.

There’s no need to struggle with stubborn belly fat, uncontrollable food cravings, starvation diets, or weight loss misery.

All of these problems can be put in the past when you follow the steps in my Gut Health Transformation. Your body then does the rest.

So you see, there’s absolutely no risk in giving it a try.

You either revitalize your gut naturally and in a much more effective way than expensive probiotic supplements. Or you wont pay a cent.

Sounds fair?

If you’re ready to take the next step towards revitalizing your gut and transforming your health…

>>>Click here to say “Goodbye!” to gas, bloating, constipation and IBS 

Just think, within 10 minutes you could be on your way towards gaining a healthier gut, a stronger digestive system, and all sorts of health transformations throughout your body.

Order Now While It’s Still Available Online

Now, if you’re teetering on the fence and unsure whether to invest or not, I need to let you know that I’m only making my Gut Health Transformation available online for a limited time.

Because you see, I’m currently working on getting it produced as a physical product and sold in food stores. I’ll do my best to keep the cost down. But I can’t guarantee it won’t be more expensive to cover production costs and the store’s markup.

You can wait until the printed version comes out. But I can’t give a definite date on when that will be.

So if you’re currently suffering from severe gas, bloating, cramps, and diarrhoea like I was, I urge you not to wait.

You need to revitalize your digestive system right now! The longer you wait is more days and weeks spent with embarrassing digestive problems that ruin your enjoyment of life.

Remember that the medications from a doctor can only relieve the symptoms temporarily.

They do NOTHING to remedy the underlying cause of your digestive problems: Poor gut health.

While expensive probiotic supplements may make BIG claims of having billions of probiotic strains inside them (and a BIG price to match).

Yet studies are fast being revealing them to be clever marketing rather than clever science.

And while you can find plenty of probiotic smoothie recipes online, I don’t believe you’ll find a collection as well researched and complete as in my book.

You could try researching what are the best probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes for yourself. But why waste all that time and hassle when I’ve done all of it for you?

>>>Click here to get all the info, recipes, IBS relieving information, and home exercises you need to revitalize your gut and transform your all round health

Which Path Will Your Future Life Take?

If you close the page now, this means you’ll be forced to continue struggling through life with a gut infested with bad bacteria.

A gut that curses you to continue  suffering from digestive problems…

Painful cramps after meals…

Embarrassing bouts of gas and bloating…

Diarrhea that forces you to arrange your schedule around getting to a bathroom…

Uncontrollable cravings for junk food…

Ugly rolls of stubborn fat around your belly, arms, and thighs.

If you choose to take no action now, it will mean continuing to suffer from the “belly plague” that may be putting you at higher risk of long-term illness.

Is that the future you want?

Or are you ready to…

Finally fix the root cause of your digestion problems

All you need to do is give my Gut Health Transformation a try, risk free for 60 days.

Once you start making the probiotic smoothie recipes each morning…

Eating the gut health meals from Gareth’s Eat Your Way to a Healthy Gut.

Going for 10 minute walks after meals…

Little by little, you’ll start to notice your body changing.

Your rumbling stomach fades to a murmur.

Trips to the bathroom reduce to a healthy number.

Your clothes start to feel looser. You can fit into your favorite blouse again.

Then... one morning not long from now...

You’ll leap out of bed - yes, LEAP - and you’ll realize...

You’re FREE.

Your gut is now able to digest food like it’s supposed to.

And you’ll KNOW your all round health is being transformed!

That, my friend, is a wonderful experience to have.

And it’s the future I want for you.

If you’re still on the fence, I understand.

Maybe you’ve tried countless detox smoothies, diets and supplements in the past, yet felt let down by the results.

But let me ask you this - Did any of them focus on remedying the core of all health in your body: The gut?

I’m so convinced you’ll love how much your digestion improves...the bags of fat deflate all over your body...your energy levels skyrocket...and your mind clear and revitalized…

That I’m taking all the risk by giving you the chance to try my Gut Health Transformation risk free for 60 days.

Bring free of cramps and bloating while filled with the energy to chase your child, or even your grandchild, around the park…

Being able to go to restaurants again, shopping at the mall, camping trips, and all the things you’ve deprived yourself of for so long.

Gaining the slim body that gives you the confidence to start dating again and find the partner you deserve…

Living a long life filled with health, happiness and joy...

Do you really want to put those things at risk because you never tried to revitalize your gut when you had the chance?

If you don’t take action today, what a shame that would be.  

Especially over a tiny one time investment of $37.

A drop in the ocean to gain the transformative benefits of a gut able to send nutrients flooding to your brain, muscles and organs and cleansing your gut of toxins at the same time.

Too many people are failing to take proper care of their guts these days...and they’re paying the price.

I don't want you to be one of them.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

And with my 60 day guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose... yet so much gain from giving my Gut Health Transformation a try.

After all, why be jealous of slim, healthy people with guts able to turn food into nutrients and energy when you can be one?

>>>Click here to get started

P.S. Your gut is the core of ALL health in the body. When your gut bacteria is out of whack it can trigger digestion problems, low energy, brain fog, cravings for junk food, and chronic weight gain. But you can’t just load up on expensive probiotic supplements - studies have revealed they barely work. Instead, the best way to revitalize your gut is with probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes in their most natural form: In FOOD. This is what my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie provides, in just minutes at breakfast.

P.P.S. You can download all the guides and try my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie RISK FREE for up to 60 days. If you notice no improvement in your gut health...don’t lose any weight...never get round to implementing it...or just aren’t impressed with the content...I’ll refund every cent. No questions asked.


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