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AP Biology


Mrs. Elise Albano


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Course Description

AP Biology is a college-level introduction to the Biological Sciences.  There are 4 Big Ideas (Evolution, Cellular Processes, Genetics and Information Transfer, and Interactions).  We will cover topics that span across these 4 big ideas which help enable us to connect them to one another and see the very nature of biology in action.  The course will also emphasize the science practices, which we will discuss and review in class.  Much of the time in class will be spent doing science. Time outside of class will be spent learning and reviewing material.  Questions and discussion regarding topics will be addressed as needed in class.  However, it is the expectation that the student adequately prepares outside of class.

At the end of this course, you may take the AP Biology exam, administered by the College Board.  A sufficient score on this exam makes a student eligible for college credit. It is your responsibility to check with the colleges to which you apply to determine their policy regarding AP Exam scores. (Exam Date: May 14th)

Course Expectations and Assessments

Marking Periods 1-3 will be spent learning the material essential to the exam.  We will finish up early in the 4th marking period, which will allow for review prior to the exam.  We will finish off the 4th marking period doing some projects and activities.  

In class, we will work on labs and hands on activities to support the material that you are learning outside of class.  

Course Policies 

It is expected that you regularly complete work outside of class.  Things such as reading, working on lab reports, and studying are examples of things that may need to be completed outside of class time.  The time you put into these things will make what you get out of this class much greater.  


For AP Biology this year, we will use the following guiding principles for retakes:

Required and Recommended Materials 


It is expected that you do the best that you can do.  It may not be equivalent to the person next to you, and that is ok.  I will provide websites or videos as the year goes on to supplement what we do in class.  

Extra help can be given after school or during lunch as needed.  It is your responsibility to seek help and speak to me.  I will not be able to provide extra help if I determine that you have not maximized class time or have different priorities during class.  For example, I will not be staying after school or giving up lunch if you are constantly watching Netflix or come late to class each day.  

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

  1. Respect the other individuals in this classroom: teacher and students alike.  You may be asked to work with someone who you may not necessarily find to be a friend.  
  2. You and everyone in this class is here to learn.  Effort is required and important.  
  3. You are expected to do your own work.  
  4. Be on time.  
  5. Come to class regularly.  It is tough to learn when you are not here on a consistent basis.

Any inability to follow these rules may result in one or more of the following: conference with the individual student (you!), conference with guidance counselor/administrator, email/conference with parent, removal from class, and/or discipline referral.