AI’18 Sunday Schedule

11:30 AM

Cafe Opens

12:30 PM

Akibento Giveaway

We’re giving away Akibento’s best kept secret! Can you figure out what’s inside the Akibento box?

1:30 PM

Arcane Maid Idols Dance & Giveaway

Come join the best performers at the Arcane Maid Cafe while they perform on-stage and hand out giveaways!

2:30 PM

Surprise Idol Dance Performance

Find out who will takeover Arcane Cafe’s main stage!

3:30 PM

Shoko and Arcane Idols Ultra Performance

Macross performer Shoko performs a singing and dancing routine on our main stage at the Arcane Maid Cafe

4:30 PM

Revolution Boi

Join Vocaloid DJ and Remix artist Revolution Boi as he spins the hottest tracks in the scene on our main stage!

5:30 PM

2018 Janken Tournament (Next Janken Queen)

Join us for our annual Janken Tournament and crown the next Janken Queen.

6:30 PM

Closing Ceremony

7:00 PM

Cafe Closes