Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Town square of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

        After the long battle against Fyren, Iñigo was able to see the light of day. He was quite pleased with the fact that he had been able to survive the fight, but almost felt that he did it wrong by having Fyren suffer the cost of his own game. He decided that sometimes, people are just given what they were properly deserving. He then felt a bit off when the battle ended, as if he was being shook from all sides. He didn’t see anyone else near him, and the town around him was disappearing, leaving only himself in the void. As he looked around, Iñigo was able to see someone sitting all alone. Iñigo tried to approach the person, but was unable to move. The person sitting was able to get up, and started walking towards Iñigo. He seemed a bit young, about his early thirties, and was in the attire of an alchemist. He kept walking to Iñigo, until he was about ten or so steps in front of him.He then spoke, “I see you have defeated the first of my followers. I might be more impressed Iñigo, if you could have done as well as your father would have. I guess you being against alchemy would make it hard to adapt to it. You can speak by the way.” Iñigo wasn’t aware of how any of this was happening, so he thought that he died or something. “Okay then, you must be the Cursed One that the necromancers are here to resurrect.” “I guess.” “That’s reassuring. How wouldn’t you know that you’re the person that I’m looking to stop?” “Because, this may not be my true form, but the form I chose for you to view for now, the form that I wish I still possessed. That though, is off topic. What I want to know though, is why do you resist me? You think of me as a threat to your way of life, but you must understand, I think your family is quite the well deserving one. I believe that if you just allow me to be reborn, I will be able to help you prevent anyone from messing with the possibility of eternal youth. I want there to be not one person that will find the recipe to do so, and while I may be the one that wishes to be resurrected, it is for the chance to bring back the era of Alchemy. I ask you to join my efforts, and create a world of efficiency. One where everyone will be able to live in peace for they don’t need to compete against one another anymore, for we found the answer to harmony amongst men. What you say, partner?”

“Sorry, but I have to decline. I wouldn’t say that wasn’t a good offer, but you must realize that I know what can happen out of this right? You could easily be setting me up for a trap that would result in me just handing my soul or body over to you, for I would guess this is actually some form of dream, right?” “Well, you’re at least smart enough to figure out the obvious. This is, in fact, a dream, and you are right to assume that this conversation wouldn’t be real, but if it were, you still can have the choice to change your mind.” “So if I did change my mind, what do I do master of life?” “Maybe have less sarcasm first, then you can simply make an alter to me, use a few important objects that you own for the base, then a living, and dead organism as the top, with a candle. Your best candle would be preferred, but you may use one from the church is the best way of doing things. I think that you will eventually join me, but only time will tell, now won’t it.” “You seem to really want this, don’t you?” “I just want to help the living, but you won’t believe me, which is the problem. Not to call you out on it, but you can just expect me to stay quiet about my feelings, especially when it comes to my own life at the line. Just give yourself time, and I will wait for you.” With that, the Cursed One vanished, and then Iñigo awoke.

“Iñigo! Wake up, you need to see this!” Iñigo was asleep on the ground, with a bit of new bruises on his body, probably from the fall. He got up with Roesia jumping around him as if nothing happened. He didn’t want to bring it up, in case it really was just a dream. “I found this guy outside of our… I mean your house. He’s just sleeping, but with a sack in hand. I wanted to wake him up, yell at him for what looks like trying to rob us while we slept, but he hasn’t done anything yet. What do you think we should do with him?” Iñigo recognized him from the dream, his name he remembered was Charles. “I think you need to wake him up, and ask for his name.” “Okay.” Roesia then went to him, and started to shake him violently. He woke up in a panic. “Stop shaking me Roesia, I’m awake!” Roesia dropped him in a panic. “Wait, that wasn’t a dream!” “Obviously not Roesia, but I didn’t say anything, because I was afraid it was, but I guess all the cuts and bruises were from the battle.” Then the three of them heard screaming from the direction of the park.

They ran over to see a bunch of people waking up to see a corpse on the ground. Most of it was ashes, and the three were having a hard time getting to the scene with everyone surrounding it. Mayor Antonio walked over to the spot. “Iñigo, can you come here for a moment!” The city folk moved out of Iñigo’s way, Roesia and Charles followed. “Can you explain to me what happened here, I see this man dead the day after you defeat Alter isn’t the best sign. I just want to make sure you weren’t involved with this.” “I was Mayor, but this was the Necromancer,” as Iñigo revealed the markings that were still visible on the corpse.  “I see, I’m happy you were able to defeat this monsterous being, but he was a physical form, meaning that he had possessed someone to achieve this form. I’m sorry to get angry, but you might have killed this man, for he wasn’t originally a necromancer, just the puppet of one.” Antonio looked pale after realising the conclusion of the battle. Iñigo started to weep next to the corpse, and the city folk were more frightened than anything, knowing that they could be the next to be possessed.

“It’s okay Iñigo, this may look bad, but you need to realise that you saved the rest of the town from losing their souls to him. I was worth the lost, even though no one should deserve such punishment, you at least have helped prevented that necromancer from inflicting the same punishment to everyone else.” Iñigo looked up to Roesia, then gave her a hug. She hugged back, crying by the fact that Iñigo hasn’t shown such emotions for anyone in such a long time. “Thank you Rose, you are my best friend and I appreciate your support. I think now, I need to work even harder to prevent worse things from happening. I need you to come with me, we need to go where they can’t attack the people. You, me, and Charles you also can come, we’ll go to a more remote area to fight the remaining necromancers, as they are after me, and if they start coming here, I will stay within a reasonable area of the city. Mayor Antonio, you know what you need to do to get me back here.” “Yes Iñigo, now just be safe. I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything happened to you.” “Me to Tony, thanks for caring so much. I will return with all the necromancers defeated, or die trying. Come on guys, let’s go.” “Yeah! I’m coming Iñigo.” “I guess you will need someone to navigate, in case if you two airheads get lost.” “Airheads!” “Yeah, you got lost three times in town, so I think you will need me in that regard.” “Fine, we need to just get the gear and leave.” “Don’t worry about that, I will make sure you have what you need with rations from my vault at the east end of town. I will go open it up.” “Thank you Tony, We’ll meet you at the exit. You guys can go to, just give me a second, I need to grab something before we leave.” “Okay Iñigo, meet you there.”

Iñigo entered his room, grabbed his belongings, and anything that would contribute to the recipe for the water of youth. Thank you father, you have given me everything I could want, but I need to pay you back in some way. I hope defeating these necromancers will be enough. He continued to pack, then remembered that he had on thing still from his family. He ran to the kitchen, and grabbed from a frame he made, a small crystal that he had on a necklace a long time ago. He tied it to a piece of string from his tunic, then tied it around his neck. Now this is the image of a true Alchemist. He then started out the door, toward his new adventure.