How to Change a Flat Tire

  1. Watch the “How To Change Your Tire Alone” video on the Mountain Home Driver Education Facebook page or go to this link:
  2. Place the following steps in the correct order by writing the numbers 1-13 in the blank beside the step. (NOTE: there are some decoy/dangerously incorrect steps mixed in the list!)

____ Completely remove the lug nuts.

____ Turn the jack clockwise to raise the car.

____ Park the car on a hill and shift the transmission into Neutral.  Do NOT set the parking brake!

____ Remove the flat tire.

____ Completely tighten all lug nuts in a star pattern before removing the jack.

____ Install the spare tire with the valve stem should be facing out.

____ Park on level ground, set the parking brake, and shift the transmission into Park.  Manual transmission vehicles should be shifted into 1st gear or Reverse.

____ Partially loosen the lug nuts ½ turn using a star pattern.

____ Jump up and down on the front or rear bumper to see if the car will stay on the jack.

____ Jack up the car high enough to remove the flat tire and install the spare tire.  

____ Lower the jack by turning the handle counterclockwise so that the tire is touching the ground.

____ Take off the hub cap (if necessary).

____ Crawl under the car to see if the jack is securely attached to the frame of the car.

____ Put a heavy object such as a brick in front of the tire diagonally opposite of the flat tire (although the video does not mention this, it is a good idea to put an object on both sides of the tire).

____ Put the jack under the frame of the car near the wheel with the flat tire.

____ Tighten the lug nuts a few turns in a star pattern.