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Chromebook Basics Help Sheet
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Basic Chromebook Startup

To take full advantage of all the remote learning tools in Aurora Public Schools, students will need to be logged into the devices with their own profiles.  DO NOT use the public user account because it will not load the extensions required for learning and will have issues logging into specific apps.

Make sure the chromebook is plugged in.  By opening the lid, the chromebook should begin powering on.  

If the chromebook does not power on, tap the power button.  To completely power off the chromebook, tap and hold the power button for 3+ seconds, and then tap the power button again to power back on.  

Check or connect your wifi.  First, click on the status oval at the bottom right of the screen.  Click on the wifi icon and select your wifi signal, entering the wifi password if prompted.  

Click on “Add Person” at the bottom left of the screen to create your profile.

Enter the first part of your APS Google email, without the part.

Enter your APS Google password.

You don’t need to recreate your new profile.  Each time you log in, use your profile by entering your Google password and you will automatically be logged in to both Chrome and Google.  

A tab for Clever should automatically open in your Chrome browser.   If not, please go to  Then, click “Log in with Google” and access apps like iReady, Google Classroom, Edgenuity from that page.