The Northern Route of the ADT is best suited for biking

Delaware and Maryland 

All can be biked

West Virginia

Dolly Sods Wilderness, Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls (44 miles) must be hiked or take a bike detour around using Blackwater Canyon trail.


About 210 miles must be hiked, too rough and not appropriate for bikes.


Knobstone Trail (17 miles) - must be hiked

Adventure Hiking Trail (22 miles) – must be hiked

Parts of Hoosier National Forest (12 miles) must be hiked.  Especially Morgan Ridge.

Whitewater Gorge Trail (3.5 miles) – in Richmond must be hiked

Illinois (Southern Route)

River to River Trail (140 miles) – must be hiked

Iowa – all can be biked

Nebraska – all can be biked

Missouri – all can be biked

Kansas – all can be biked


Eastern Section to Denver – all can be biked

Western section – much can be biked, but much easier and more enjoyable to hike from Georgetown to Grand Junction (370 miles).


Almost all of the trail in Utah is unsuitable for road bikes, we recommend looking at the AdventureCycling routes 79 and 70 which can be joined from Moab using UT191.
Experienced bike packers can use most of the trail but there are some technical sections and vehicle support will probably be needed due to the lack of water and supply points. In Capitol Reef NP the alternate route can be used, however there is no practical way over Boulder Mountain to the west and it may be better to head north on the Notom Road to Torrey and use the paved roads from there (A.C. route 70).


Used by road cyclists as well as hikers in past years, Hwy 50 has been a popular cross-Nevada alternative to Nevada's very remote official ADT. Any road cyclist requesting route information across Nevada should consult for updated Hwy 50 road conditions and safety tips.

Although un-sanctioned by ADT, the Comstock Epic off-Hwy route across Nevada (popular with fully-supported Mt. Bikers, Gravel Grinders, and self-supported Bike-Packers) is the only advisable route other than Hwy 50. Direct and route inquiries to

The Comstock Epic route follows 60% of the official ADT, however it circumnavigates the several "NO BIKES" Wilderness Areas open only to hikers. Gravel bikes equipped with 42 mil. tires have successfully crossed on the Comstock Epic, however 2.5 in. knobbies on 3X gearing set-ups is optimal. Vehicle support will probably be needed due to the lack of water and supply points.


Mount Diablo State Park must be hiked

The last 40 miles (if you are headed west) must be hiked.