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Episode 20: 8 ideas For A Green Halloween

Every year more than 1 billion pounds of pumpkin gets thrown away to rot in landfills. Thirty-five million costumes are purchased and most are made of non-biodegradable plastic. Plus all the plastic tat, how much must there be of that?

For some children, Halloween can be as exciting as Christmas, and for many parents, it invades their budgets and ‘to DO lists’.

Below are 8 simple ways to keep it affordable, green, and healthy.


The image above was me with one of our allotment pumpkins. Tonight, my husband and I will  be carving  alone it seems, minus our teens.  No trick or treating for them, instead they are heading out to watch movies with their mates,  They will enjoy guzzling their coke, crisps and endless e-numbers, oblivious to my board, sigh I try!

Click 👉 here to take you to the board  for a simple, healthy and green Halloween.

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