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Google Classroom

  • If students are in need of a class code for google classroom, they can reach out to the classroom teacher or school administration for support.


  • Some classroom teachers have created “Khan Classrooms” for their classes, there is an option for students to work outside of their teacher assigned work.

  • 9th Grade: 
  • 10th - 12th Grade
  • Khan Academy math practice. Depending on level, one of the following courses are likely appropriate:
  • Science practice on Khan Academy (high school or A.P. level):
  • Social studies  


  • 10th Grade Math II: 
  • 10 grade math students will utilize Study.com specifically with the support of the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher has a class code (similar with the Google Classroom platform).
  • Students and parents can email Mr. Jennings for the class code if it is needed.
  • Students do NOT have to pay for their accounts.


  • 12th Grade Financial Algebra: 
  • 1. Go to the following link: https://www.studyisland.com/login
  • 2. Click "Login" under the Study Island for Schools
  • 3. Here's your username and Password: (if you have not gotten those from me, you must get these first)
  • - Username:
  • - Password: 
  • 4. Once you login the home page (provided below) will pop up. The assignments are on the bottom right side of the page (under 'Active Assignments').Click on the lesson you wish to do.
  • 5. HAVE FUN WITH IT. Play the games and compete against your classmates while learning or relearning some awesome mathematical skills!!!
  • You can message Mr. Combs on remind for a much quicker response for any timely questions during your lessons or you may send him an email.