East Dubuque Families,

I am attaching three calendar options for next year to this email in hopes to get some feedback from you.  PLEASE READ THIS FIRST BEFORE OPENING THE DOCUMENT!  We are looking for feedback about the calendars themselves and/or the features of each that you like or dislike.  You do NOT have to pick a calendar per say.  You could just state what you like about each, or what you don't like.  You are welcome to just state which calendar you like best as well.


One goal of all three calendars was to have as many five day weeks as possible.  We know educationally, that when you can keep your weeks as consistent as possible, there is more instructional density, and that continuity leads to better learning outcomes.  So, what may look like an odd week for holidays or conferences, was done intentionally to keep as many weeks as possible consistent with 4 or 5 days.  


All three calendars due away with Extended Early Dismissals.  I feel strongly that if kids come to school, we will keep them long enough to feed them lunch on a regular schedule.  Early Dismissals will therefore be 2 hours early.  We will also be looking at adding 1 hour late starts for Staff Professional Development, or 2 hour early dismissals.  (Please weigh in on how you feel about which one is better.)  Late starts allow us to bring kids in one hour later, but still get over 90 minutes of PD with 10 min

utes of transition for staff.  YOU WILL NOT SEE THESE ON THE CALENDARS YET.  WANTED TO GET FEEDBACK FIRST AND SEE HOW DIFFICULT THIS WILL BE FOR FAMILIES.  Please let us know if you prefer a late start or an early dismissal for your students.


The calendars themselves are as such:


Option 1- First semester ends prior to winter break.  Staff would have time during/after break before grades are due.  There are advantages and disadvantages to this.  Conference week entails shorter weeks so the focus can be on preparation for, and the conferences themselves. This calendar also offers a full spring break week.


Option 2- More of a traditional calendar.  Conferences on this option create extended weekends for families to hopefully take advantage of, and not pull kids from school early/often.  


Option 3- This is an extended calendar that starts us earlier in August and goes right up to June.  The theory is that it shortens summer allowing for less regression of learning.  It is a small step in the direction of an extended year calendar, but not a big step.  It does allow for more breaks during the year and a spring break.  Conference weeks are really focused on just conferences.  


Each calendar has some emergency days built in so they are not all just added to the end of the year.  


Please send me your feedback at tpotts@edbqhs.org.  I would like to get feedback by March 10 so the calendar committee can compile feedback on March 13 and take a calendar to the board on March 20.  Remember, you don't just have to vote on which one you like, feel free to talk about the components you like.

Thank you for your feedback.

T.J. Potts