CFDGC January Minutes 

January 10, 2019 / 7:30 PM Innovation Lab - Crimson Cup


Bob Harris, Rick Stevens, Don Alexander, Pat Sullivan, Brad Schick, Scott Jenkins, Cory Clark, Taylor Oberst, Denise Bayless, Steve Bayless, Kelsey Brakel, Ken Rollins, Tony Collura, Shawn Draughon


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. Charter fixed
  2. Voting on P.O. Box retention: 13:1 vote in favor of NOT to continue. Correspondence will be established with Cory’s or Dean’s Mail.
  3. Locks will be ordered this week. Should be received very soon. One key for Griggs and Hoover courses, with a few extra locks for replacement/spare.
  4. Discussion about city course work and approvals. Multiple attempts to reach PJ with no reply to date.  Pat offered to be a liaison to PJ. Great offer but met resistance because direct contact is best.
  5. Short discussion about Hilliard course project.  Good comments. Dean will update at next meeting.
  6. 5th Arnold Classic Tournament
  1. Registration live.
  2. Doubles and field events Saturday. Kids/parents division offered.
  3. The youth event will be the parent/child doubles division.
  4. Sunday sanctioned 2 round event.
  5. CFDGC is first speaker at next meeting. First meeting was extended and CFDGC was unable to present then.
  1. Ice Bowl
  1. Merch ordered.
  2. Full to date. 72.  May open more spots. Wait list is at 18 to date.
  1. Ken Blackwell injured and unavailable for Ice Bowl but will be available for Arnold kids expo hall.
  2. Buckeye Classic officially voted in as CFDGC point series.
  3.  Bag tag project. Ben headed up. Art work and list submitted to Ryan Advent. Waiting on draft from Ryan or submit a draft of our own

New Business


  1. By laws updated on website? Whoever had a copy, send them to Taylor to update.
  2. List of point series events:
  1. 5th Arnold Classic
  2. Buckeye Classic
  3. Millvalley Shootout (Marysville)
  4. Riverside Drive
  5. Lobdell
  6. Infirmary Mound
  7. Columbus Triple Crown
  1. If anyone sees Course work/clean up needed contact Cory. Work parties will be scheduled and announced via available media outlets.
  2. Minutes: Past practice. Was it available to public? How was it distributed? A) They were available to public thru club website from 2016 on, but they haven’t been tracked very well on a year to year basis. A goal of 2019 is to have a complete year of minutes.
  3. Bob asked about new flyer shirts. Cory responded with positive comments about printer and cost. Suggestions about limited offer pre order of premium shirt. Further discussion about styles. Cory to report back about Chad Roberts discussion.
  5. Hoover Kiosk:  City responded with refurbish is fine but city provided/approved specs are needed for a new one.
  6. Hoover bridge by hole 15 is need of minor repair. Rung is creating uneven surface. Cory to investigate and repair.
  7. Online voting tested. Did not use final vote in 2018  because everyone ran unopposed in the nomination. Will utilize E-Vote for next year.


  1. Date settled for AMs. June 22-23
  2. Add Pat (thru Terry) on FB committee group.