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TFM - Policies 2022
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Information & Market Policies for Vendors

at The Farm Market

Location: Mill No. 5, 250 Jackson Street, Lowell 01852

Hours: Sundays from 10am-1pm (*Subject to cancellations)

Parking: Street parking in Lowell is free on Sundays. The Edward Early Jr. Garage is also down the street on 135 Middlesex St and costs $1/hour. There is no parking allowed in the private staff lot behind Mill No. 5 on Middlesex Street. Vehicles without permission are subject to being towed.

Purpose of this document

These documents provide the rules and regulations for The Farm Market at Mill No. 5 and provides important information for all vendors. Please read through this document thoroughly before your scheduled attendance and do not hesitate to contact The Farm Market Manager, Jessica Bonifas with any questions or concerns.


The Farm Market brings together local farmers, food producers, and consumers for a joyful celebration of food in a vibrant gathering place and destination.


The Farm Market operates year-round at Mill No. 5, an indoor streetscape of salvaged storefronts. The market emphasizes a direct connection between producer and consumer with the purpose of supporting local food producers, building the local food economy, and increasing food access. We emphasize sustainable practices and a diverse selection of farm products, community resources, and prepared foods. As a destination for the community, the market features live music and all of the offerings of Mill No. 5 including independent shops, cafe, movie theater, and soda fountain. The Farm Market is run by Mill No. 5 and adheres to its mission and core values creating a friendly and vibrant social environment at the center of the Lowell community.

Farm Market Application

Any potential vendors must submit an online application via our website, Applications will be reviewed by the manager and evaluated based on consistency with the mission of the market.

Vendor products must be of high quality, locally made or fair trade, take skill and creativity. The products must be complementary to a farmers’ market.


The Farm Market retains all rights to accept or deny vendors a space.

Please see Appendix A below for more information regarding Farm Market vendor requirements.

The Farm Market Logistics

  1. Food Safety

All vendors of any prepared or ready to eat foods must submit, possess and abide by all required State, County, and local Health Department permits. This may include a copy of their food permit from the city or town in which their food is prepared, a copy of their Servsafe certificate, a copy of their Allergen Awareness training certificate, and proof of liability insurance. **All vendors must provide a copy of their liability insurance.

  1. Promotion

All Farm Market vendors must participate in promotion via social media.

A weekly flyer will be sent to each vendor for sharing on your accounts. Please share this at least one day before you are scheduled to attend.

When mentioning us please be sure to use: The Farm Market at Mill No. 5

Please also be sure to tag us:


Instagram: @farmlowell





This is the bare minimum requirement, we encourage you to share and promote to your full capacity as this is how The Farm Market will grow and thrive.

  1. Cancellation Policy

If you are scheduled to be a vendor, but are suddenly unable to attend, we understand.

If you are unable to attend, inform the manager no later than the Wednesday before your scheduled market date. A cancellation after Wednesday will be considered last-minute; and will result in a written warning. A second last-minute cancellation will result in a total ban from The Farm Market.

Refunds will not be granted under any circumstances less than 2 weeks before a market date.  Under certain circumstances The Farm Market manager may be able to credit you for a future market if they are able to find a replacement for your space. Please make an effort to communicate schedule conflicts as soon as possible.

The Farm Market has a strict no-show policy. If a vendor does not show up at the market on a scheduled date without notice they will be banned from future markets.

The Farm Market reserves the right to ban any vendor from participation based on actions detrimental to The Farm Market and its partners.

At The Farm Market

  1. Arrival

The load-in location is at 250 Jackson Street. You will receive an email the week of your event with a load-in schedule, any necessary table notes and the floor you will be on. You should arrive at your schedule load in-time, if you are running late please call the market manager. You will notice a large circular sign with a “5” on it and large iron gates below. Proceed into the tunnel through the iron gates and park on the left side. We need to keep the right side of the tunnel clear for exiting vehicles.

The elevator is at the end of the tunnel on the left side and you can head up to your assigned floor. The Farm Market has several carts available for vendors to use, but we are limited. If you have your own cart, we encourage you to bring it. 

Load-in works best when vendors unload all items onto a cart, bring them upstairs, unload your materials on your table and head back downstairs to return the cart and move their cars to park. DO NOT leave your car parked in the tunnel during the Market.

Vendor arrangement will shift week to week and some tables will be pre-labeled. Resident vendors will have set spots and all other vendors can find their table labeled with their name. Please understand that the manager gets many requests from vendors to be placed in specific locations and not all requests will be accommodated.

*We will provide each vendor with a 6-foot table and chair(s) per table.

  1. Best Practices

Clear signage and labels are imperative for your products. They should include price, ingredients, and product origin. The operator representing your business should be knowledgeable about all products and should be able to give customers a list of all ingredients in all products being sold.

**The Farm Market has a strict no-hawking policy. Business must be conducted from inside the vendor space. No vendors should be approaching attendees outside of their booths. Vendors must refrain from calling out to passing market attendees. This is of course, different from a pleasant “Hello”, “How are you?”, “Can I help you?”

We encourage you to limit your phone use during market hours. Visitors are here for you and your business. It does not look good for the market or for your business when the operator is staring down at the phone. If you need to get lunch or use the bathroom, please ask a nearby vendor or the market manager to look after your table or have a sign that reads you’ll be back.

The Farm Market is not responsible for any lost or stolen property, please be mindful of where you leave your personal belongings.

  1. Managing Disputes

If any problems arise, please contact the manager on duty. The manager periodically navigates the hall and can be reached by phone as well. He/She will mediate any disputes between The Farm Market participants, customers, or vendors. The manager will be diligent in resolving conflicts.

The Farm Market reserves the right to refuse any application, or to revoke attendance of any vendor if the vendor is believed to be in conflict with acceptable selling practices or the overall welfare of the market. The Market Manager reserves the right to make exceptions to any policies outlined in this document.

  1. Vendor Fees and Payment

The vendor fee schedule is listed below. Payment is due at the time of acceptance to the market. Vendors will be emailed invoices which will be processed via credit card on Square.

Non-profit organizations may also apply to table at The Farm Market. The Farm Market generally waives the fees for non-profit organizations. However, The Farm Market is only able to reserve one space per market for a non-profit entity.

*Please be sure to have an accurate email available in order to receive invoices and proper 501c3 forms to validate non-profit identity.



We have adopted a new pricing and discount policy in order to encourage consistent participation and for the economic viability of the market. Please refer to the Policies of The Farm Market for descriptions of each vendor designation.

Farmers: $25.00 per 6 ft table or $35.00 for two tables

Resellers: $25.00 per 6 ft table or $40.00 for two tables

Processors: $25.00 per 6 ft table or $40.00 for two tables

Prepared Food vendors (Concessionaires): $50.00 for two tables (no one table option)

Art/Craft/For Sale: $40.00 per 6 ft table or $60.00 for two tables

Service Providers: $80.00 per 6 ft table or $150.00 for two tables

Non-Profit/Community: $0 - $25.00 per 6 ft table at the discretion of The Farm Market


A 10% discount is available to Farmers, Resellers, Processors, and Prepared Food Vendors who attended all of the previous Summer markets or at the discretion of The Farm Market.


Invoices are sent monthly. Payment is due, in full, before attendance at the market or my other arrangement at the discretion of The Farm Market. Invoices and payment will be administered electronically through Square.

After the Farm Market

The Farm Market ends at 1:00 pm. Please DO NOT break down your table before the end of the market-- it disrupts the other vendors and the flow of the traffic in the hallway. If your items have sold out for the day, we ask that you remain at the market until closing time. Interacting with customers can help boost your sales the next time and promote your business as a whole.

If the items you’re selling have the potential to make a mess--please bring appropriate cleaning items. A dustpan, brush, paper towels, and cleaning spray might come in handy. Please do not leave any trash behind at the end of the market. Trash cans and recyclable cans are located throughout the hall. Please use them.

During load-out time, bring all your items downstairs or consolidate them next to the elevator on the 4th floor before parking your car in the tunnel. This helps relieve the flow of traffic in the tunnel.

Tables and chairs must be returned to their respective location

All vendors must vacate the Mill No. 5 property by 4:00 pm.

What products & vendors are not allowed at the Market?

Who is allowed to sell at the Farm Market?



One who raises produce, plants or botanicals, or animals on land they own, lease or rent. The definition of Farmer may also include someone who processes produce, fruit, berries, botanicals, meats, honey, etc., which is grown, raised, or harvested on their own, leased or rented property, and then turned into value added product(s) such as jams, cider, salsa, vinegars, alcoholic beverages(*), essential oils or any other botanical use. It may also include Farmers who raise the basic ingredient(s) of a product, but who must send it out for fundamental processing before creating the value-added product. Such Vendors might include those farmers selling certain essential oils, smoked meats or fish, etc. This excludes Resellers or those who might work on, or manage a corporately owned farm and have permission to dispose of surplus product.


One who sells foods that they have personally prepared or processed on property that they own, lease, or rent in New England. Processors are persons offering fresh food products (such as meats, seafood, ciders, wines, baked goods, jams, nuts, etc.) that have added value to their product through some sort of “hands-on” processing (e.g., hand-filleted fish, smoked or butchered meats, handmade candies/nuts, etc.), but have not raised the ingredients themselves. All Processors must meet all Federal, State, County and local Health Department requirements. All appropriate permits and licenses must be submitted and filed with the Market Manager. Processors must produce their products in New England only. Processed food producers should use ingredients from New England farms or waters as much as possible, and the Market Manager should give stall preference to those Processors who use ingredients from New England farms or waters.


In the case of seafood vendors, the products must originate from the Northeast, which includes New England and its bordering states. Proper labels stating origin are required. 

Alcoholic Beverages:

Alcoholic beverages must be made almost entirely from ingredients grown in New England, except for certain additives required for processing which cannot be produced in New England, not amounting to more than 5% of the total volume of the beverage. Vendors serving alcohol must possess proper licensing and abide by State, County, and Local health codes.


One who buys fresh produce from farmers in New England, transports it to The Farm Market, and resells it to the consumer. Resellers are allowed to sell at the Farm Market, but do have strict criteria to follow:

Other Vendors

Prepared Food vendors:

Prepared Food vendors (Concessionaires) offer freshly made foods, available for sale and immediate consumption on-site at The Farm Market. Prepared Food vendors shall submit and also possess and maintain all required State, County, and local Health Department permits. All appropriate permits and licenses shall be filed with the management of the market. Prepared Food vendors should use ingredients produced in New England as much as possible. Further, when selecting Prepared Food vendors, the market manager is encouraged to provide a good variety of healthy foods and to give preference to those vendors using ingredients produced in New England.

*The Farm Market reserves the right to make final decisions on all vendor applicants. We believe in the equal opportunity for all to conduct business in a shared space dedicated to the revitalization of the local economy. Any participants and/or applicants that conduct business not aligned with the values in which we commit to, will be asked to not participate further. We hope to build a market that is vibrant, friendly, and inspiring for all that visit.