“Beyond the Guidebook”  College Representative Questionnaire


10/12/18 @ 12:40 PM

Name of College:

Providence College

Name of Representative:

Tricia Bergantino

Email Address:


Phone Number:

Office: 401-865-2535

College Web Page:


Please give some examples of high profile events

held on campus last year  (i.e. concerts. speakers, political debates, etc.):        

Bernice A. King (MLK, Jr. Daughter) for MLK Convocation, Historian David McCullough (2 Pulitzer Prizes and the Presidential Medal of Freedom),

What percentage of students stay on campus during the weekends?


New initiatives on campus and/or institutional goals?

PC1G: program to support 1st generation college students

What is something you might find at the school that may not exist at any other school?

The Dominican Friars---we are the only Dominican University in the United States.

If located outside of New England, what New England area schools is your institution similar to?

What is the distance to the nearest big city? And what is that city?

0 miles, Providence

What is the approximate distance from Westborough, driving and/or flying?

Driving, 40 miles

What are your most popular majors?

STEM, Business, Psychology and Global Studies

What are your newest and/or most unique majors?

New: Classics and Environmental Biology; Minor: Business Innovation. Unique: Public and Community Service

What majors are you hoping to grow?

All of them

Will applying “undecided” for a major affect a student’s chances for acceptance?


Is there a statistical advantage to applying early decision or early action?

Yes, because it is a commitment to the school but always talk to your family about finances first!

If interviews are required or recommended, where and by whom are they conducted?

We offer informational interviews (not required). They are available on campus until the week of Thanksgiving.

Are students automatically considered for merit scholarships with the application to the school?


What percentage of demonstrated financial aid do you meet?


Is there anything else a student should know that they will not easily find in a guidebook or online?