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Tairangi School Procedure Statement

SCIENCE        NAG 1 Curriculum

Tairangi School will deliver a balanced Science programme that covers all objectives over a two year planning cycle.

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. All the objectives of Science in the New Zealand Curriculum will be covered as determined in the 2 year long term plan.
  2. The long term plan includes the assessment focus and possible contexts for study.
  3. 4 science units will be covered each year.
  4. Each unit of work will be based on the long term plan.
  5. School-wide planning sheets will be used when writing units.
  6. Syndicates will develop units as a joint planning venture.
  7. Units should be relevant to children’s interests and needs.
  8. The Non-English Speaking Backgrounds of our students will be taken into account at the planning stages of all units.
  9. The Maori dimension should be included whenever practical.
  10. Teachers will assess the specific learning outcomes based on the Achieved Objectives and the investigative skill highlighted in the long term plan for assessment.
  11. Students will be provided with a science programme that will encourage them to develop these scientific skills:-
            - Focussing and planning
            - Information gathering
            - Processing – Interpreting
            - Reporting
  1. Students will use these skills and appropriate attitudes for investigating the following aspects of the environment.
            - Living World
            - Physical World
            - Material World
            - Plant Earth and Beyond
  2. Students will explore:
            - the nature of science
            - its relationships to technology
            - the impact of science and technology on people and the environment.
  3. The Science Programme will portray:
  1. Science as a process and a set of ideas which have been formed to explain everyday unfamiliar phenomena.
  2. Promote science as an integral part of everyday life.
  1. Completed unit plans will be vetted by the Science Curriculum Committee who will ensure that the contents fit the schools plan and that contexts are appropriate and that objectives are covered according to the Tairangi School Long Term Plan.
  2. Assessment benchmarks for each unit will be determined in the units planning stages and will fit the schools “best fit” model of recording assessment.
  3. Completed assessment sheets for each unit will be handed to the Principal for analysis purposes and for him to maintain school-wide tracking.
  4. Assessment information will be used to:
  1. improve student learning
  2. improve programmes
  3. provide summative information
  4. report progress

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