Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Town square of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

        Iñigo has accepted the request to duel the stranger. “Oh, I haven’t even introduced myself! I am Alter, Ruler of the Dead Sea. I hope you’re ready for my powerful skills that will dry up all of your resources! Ha ha ah ha!” As Iñigo prepared his resources, he realized this would be his first time playing against someone that wasn’t his teacher. At the very least he had played against the ruler of the city, or else he wouldn’t have tried to battle this young hot head. Okay, so I need a few of these, and a few of those, and I really wish he didn’t make it blatantly obvious that he was using some form of salt, or else I would have been a little more confident with battling him. “Alright, because I’m just a beginner, will you do me the greatest favor of going first.” “Wait, you challenged me not knowing how to play, what an amateur mistake!” “by the way, you’re so loud. Why is that?”

“You know what, I’ll just get things started by playing my Sodiumite, as i disclose it to you! I will then set two cards down, and that will be my turn!” His elemite had a whopping one thousand one hundred disclosed points, and Iñigo wasn’t sure if his elemites could compete with that. Alter then drew his ending card. Iñigo looked at the hand to see that he had a Hydromite, an two Oxymite, two compounders, one researches, and a single reaction. Hope this works. “I create my Hydromite, then I will use the power of hydroblast, it allows my hydromite to go all the way to stage five, then it gains five hundred disclosed points, making it one thousand seven hundred disclosed points, then I use the Hydromite’s ability to create a Heliumite by reducing its stage back to one when it’s a stage five. Thus I now create my Heliumite with the disclosed stat of two thousand. I will now enter the state of battle, Heliumite, destroy his sodiumite!” “Wow, for a beginner, I’m shocked by such a move, but now I will have to end this advance of your by reacting with both of my Reaction Build-ups, which would each increase my sodiumite’s disclosed points by five hundred, to make it gain a total of a thousand. Thus it’s stronger than your heliumite. I hope you weren’t  wanting to keep that heliumite, for it’s about to float away. Sodiumite counter attack, and dry it all up into the atmosphere!” Iñigo’s Heliumite was destroyed, and he lost a hundred of his funds.

“I guess with that I will go into the next phase, and set a card down to end my turn.” Inigo drew his card being the laboratory construction. “Okay then, if you want, I can try to be nice, but I will set a card down and create a chlorimite to then use with my sodiumite to create my Salt burns, which will now attack you Hydromite with it’s two thousand four hundred disclosed points!” “I think it’s about time for me to react, using my stopper project to negate the attack at my Hydromite.” “Well, I figured you would just hide until you get what you needed, but for now, I will end my turn with another card set.” He drew his card, thus starting Iñigo’s turn yet again. Alright, I think it’s about time I start doing some real damage. “Alright, I’m going to use my research, Automatic Discovery. I can send two elemites from my hand to the discarded waste to create one compounder in my hand, and I create my Water Gainer, then I will activate the laboratory construction to add one lab research from my resources to my hand, being the H20 Assembly that I will now be activating. It gives an extra three hundred disclosed and classified points, and allows me to create an Oxy-token. I will now attack your Salt burns.” “oh, and am I supposed to be scared about that, I will use my reaction NaCl boiler, which will take away your attack target, to then create a new NaCl compounder with double the rating of the first compounder. I now create my Salter Chef! Now will you continue your attack with you weak elemites, or end your turn?” “I guess I will have no choice, I will end my turn.” Iñigo then drew a H20ers slipper. The Water gainer was then discarded at the end of the turn. “Wait, why did it leave the field?” “Through the effect of the automatic discovery, I must send a compounder to the discarded waste if I didn’t discover anything the turn I used it.

“Well, you have definitely peaked my interest with the abilities you have, but I think it’s time to show the crowd exactly what’s expected out of an alchemist. I will sadly not be able to do anything this turn though, because NaCl boiler prevents me from attacking with the compounder I created through its effect. I will end my turn with a set card, go.” Well, I lucked out this time didn’t I. “Okay then, I will use my Oxy-token and Hydromite to create my H2Oers slipper. Then I use my H20  assembly to create a Hydro-token. I will now battle. H20ers slipper will now attack your Salter Chef, and by its ability, your create loses one hundred disclosed points, making it hundred weaker than my slipper with its boost from the Assembly.” The Salter Chef is discarded, and now both players are at nine thousand and nine hundred funds. “I will continue the attack with my Hydromite, doing the extra one thousand two hundred damage to your funds.” “Good job, you were able to do an actually offensive with effective results, I’m actually outstanded by this feet. I will now truly show you exactly what it means to be a true alchemist. Up to this point, I’ve merely defended from your assault to see if you could handle my power, now watch as you are about to see me at my best.” Iñigo then drew his H20ers Oxy-turn, and his turn ended.

“I now create my chlorimite, then I will end my turn!” “Wait, that’s your move, are you sure that’s what you intended to do?” “Yes, except because you want me to, I will set one card, then my turn will end.” Then he drew his card, and Iñigo was only confused as to why he would simply end his turn. “I will attack with my H20ers slipper on your chlorimite. I see that you might use that new card from the previous turn for the fact that I gave you the option to and ….” “Nah, I will just use the card I couldn’t use earlier, Alchemist burst which will disassemble you compounder.” “What, you were waiting for that play this whole time, and you couldn’t do it earlier because?” “Oh, I can only use it if you attack me directly or at my elemites. I was a bit upset by the result of your previous turn, but you can do anything now for my Chlorimite is just stronger than the rest of your elemites.” “Well then I guess I will have to end my turn.” Iñigo drew his H20ers Hydro-back.

“Now I can continue with my play by using my chlorimite to create a sodiumite from my hand. I then will use them to create my compounder, Salter Gener, which gains back one of the Na ratings from the Sodiumite. I then use my other reaction, which you should recognize, NaCl boiler, and now I create my Salter Constructor. I then use him to create my Salter flagger, which now has the value of three NaCl compounders, and throughout this duel, I have gained more than enough discovered points to create my Discovery. But I will not do that just yet, for now, I will use my Flagger to destroy your Hydro-token.” “I lose five hundred funds.” “then I will end my turn.  I hope you have some plan with those elemites of yours, or you might just see an end to this battle!”

“Alright, then, for now I end my turn, I hope you have the time to wait, for I certainly do.” He draws for the turn into another chemical reconstruction. “Hey, you said you can make you discovery right, why do you wait for it, are you scared that I will get over it. I mean, it’s your best card right?” “It’s much more than that, it’s the only discovery that I will ever be remembered by, you would never understand how it feels to be in the position to have no discoveries of your own. You are one of those Florandez, right? You have a whole list of discoveries at your disposal, and you wish to challenge me. I didn’t notice before, but I was able to see it in your eyes after you third turn. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to lose focus, but you seem to be one of the most ungrateful alchemist I’ve ever seen. You refuse to help these people with the resources that you can get whenever you feel like. You control this whole town, and yet you are barely winning, may I ask why?”

 Iñigo went silent for a moment, remembering his dream from earlier, and couldn’t focus as much as he would like, but after a minute he was able to say “I lost my connection to my family, they had seen their last day. All I have left is the amulet that my father use to wear. Everything else vanished in a powerful blaze caused by a cloaked stranger that was able to bring an end to my father. Was that what you wanted to hear?” “I see, you have no way of getting to your family’s discoveries then. In that case, you will never be able to defeat my discovery. I guess I will have nothing to lose by creating my most powerful creation! I use the rating of my Salter Flagger represent three NaCl compounders, thus letting me create, the mighty Salty Rager!” The lab shook as the compounders flew into the alchemy pot to bring forth the mighty Pirate of the Dead Sea. “I will now destroy your Oxy-token!” The attack generated a gust of wind that knocked over many of the audience members observing the battle at hand. Iñigo even felt the attack directly, causing him to kneel for a moment. “Ah, I see that you haven’t seen the raw powerful of a discovery yet, now have you?” “i’m quite impressed, but I’m not going to give up just yet. Are you finished?” “Yes, I end my turn with that!”

Now will  Iñigo be able to come back from this shocking reveal of the powerful Salty Rager? Find out in the next episode.