Thank you for teaching at Spark 2021!

We hope you enjoy teaching your class and everything goes well!

This guide includes lots of info about Spark 2021, but feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

 Quick info  

  1. Dial +1 646 558 8656.
  2. When asked for a meeting ID, enter 990 4555 5022#.
  3. When asked for participant ID, press #.        

 Day-Of Spark


Template messages

Hi NAME. I am one of the hosts of this class. Please stop <insert disruptive behavior>. When you signed up for Spark, you agreed to be respectful to your classmates and teacher, and your behavior is not following that agreement.

 [IF NECESSARY] If you continue your disruptive behavior, I will have to remove you from this class for the remainder of today’s lesson.

Large Classes

If your class capacity is at least 75 students, your class is a large class!

Other Information