HS Admin Transfer Procedure

We encourage students who desire to switch schools in the middle of a semester/year to carefully consider the reasons they are seeking a transfer. The admin team at SkyView (and at other high schools throughout the district) generally do not consider it to be in the best interest of a student to “change course midstream.” Such a change requires the principal at the sending high school to acquire the approval (and agreement) from the principal at the receiving high school. The district refers to this as an “administrative transfer.”

To receive an administrative transfer:

  1. An immediate and significant need for a transfer must exist, and the current circumstances must warrant such a decision by the principals.
  2. The student/parent MUST follow the correct process and respect the proper chain of communication.

If a student would like to transfer TO SkyView from a DCSD high school:

If a student would like to transfer FROM SkyView to a DCSD high school: