What is NYJA

Nigerian Prince is a meme coin based on the scam emails from the 90s coming from the infamous prince of Nigeria. It is built on the BEP-20 blockchain on the binance smartchain (BSC). The token contract itself is based on the reflector finance token principle providing frictionless yield and progressive deflation.


The main objective of NYJA is to provide charitable donations. This will be done from the team wallet of the token smartcontract developer and will be based on a vote from the NYJA telegram community.

Donations will be made once every month. This is only possible because of the reflector token mechanics. Every transaction on Pancakeswap where the token is listed will get taxed 5% token and 5% LP token.

For the First donation, the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) was chosen. 25% of the team funds was donated to this charity.

Presale and Tokenomics

The presale was held on the DxSale Platform on the BSC network.

It was held on the 19th of MARCH 2019 at 4pm UTC and was sold out within the first few seconds of launching. This was the current record on the DxSale platform.

Soft Cap: 30 BNB
Hard Cap: 70 BNB

Minimum Contribution: 0.1 BNB

Maximum Contribution: 5 BNB

Total Supply: 1000000000000000 NYJA

Burned liquidity: 5% NYJA

Tokens for Presale: 420000000000000 NYJA

Presale Rate: 6000000000000 NYJA per BNB

PancakeSwap Listing Rate 4500000000000  NYJA per BNB

Future Plans

We plan on increasing the scope of NYJA tokens and listing on different CEX.

With the current trend of NFTs, we are planning to integrate buying and swapping of themed NFT collectibles and games on the BSC as most of that is currently only available on the Ethereum blockchain. Other NFTs similar to the one shown here will be available.

For listing, the following is the current aim for the project:

Currently only pancakeswap is available for trading in NYJA. Other popular exchanges such as are also going to be pursued based on token holders’ interest and popular trend.

Other use cases will also be looked into to increase the scope of NYJA. With charity as the ultimate goal of this project, every possible avenue will be looked into to make sure everyone will be using NYJA in one way or another.

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Legal Disclaimer: The contents of this document or information on the document do not constitute any financial advice. NYJA tokens should not be used for the purposes of speculation. Always consult your local laws and regulations before trading with the NYJA token. NIGERIAN PRINCE will not be held liable for any issues related to the use of NYJA tokens. Use NYJA tokens at your own risk!