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Post Procedural Care for Eyebrows

Immediately following Brow Session  Please wash hands with antibacterial soap before you touch your eyebrows. Blot brows with a clean tissue periodically with light to medium pressure to absorb lymph.

Bedtime Wash brow area with antibacterial soap (dial) and water lightly.  Blot dry, and lightly gloss with aftercare.  (No bigger than an amount the size of a grain of rice.)

DAY 2-14:  Wash brows every morning with antibacterial soap (dial) and water.  Gently blot dry with clean paper towel or tissue and discard.  Lightly gloss brows with aftercare once completely dry.  You may reapply the aftercare up to three times a day.

Your brow area may begin to peel or flake in the days following your tattoo session.  Everyone heals differently so this may vary from person to person. However, this can last up to 14+ days for some.

DO expect your brows to appear very light after this peeling phase.  The pigment below the surface will continue to surface as the healing process continues for another month.

You can return to your normal activity and makeup routine once all flakiness has been naturally shed.  

From this point forward in healing, always apply a sunscreen to your brows when outdoors. This protects and prolongs their finished result.

Touch up session is required 6-12 weeks following first session.