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STANZ Remit Policy
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 Remit policy

1. Remits must be relevant to STANZ objectives

2. Remits should be of a major policy nature either affecting the constitutional or of a substantive nature rather than general matters that can be submitted to the committee anytime.

3. Remits must have formal support from at least one cluster group meeting,

4. Remits defeated at the AGM in two successive years will not be permitted to go forward

 5. Remits will be assessed to determine whether the matters raised can be actioned by alternative, and equally valid, means to achieve the desired outcome;

6. Remits must be accompanied by background information to show that the matter warrants consideration at the AGM.

Remit process

The STANZ Committee will take the following steps to finalise remits received for an AGM.

All proposed remits and accompanying information must be forwarded to the STANZ Secretary by the date indicated in the email calling for remits sent by the Communications Office. This will allow time for the committee to properly assess them. Contact Janice Deverick

The committee will not consider remits received after the closing date.

A remit will be screened by the committee against the criteria described above.

Member’s summiting remits that fail to meet the tests imposed by the above policy will be informed of the committee’s decision and the reasons behind the decision and any alternative avenues available.

Member’s summiting remits that are accepted will be contacted to arrange the presenting of the remit to the AGM. All accepted remits for presenting to the AGM will be posted to our website at least one month prior to the AGM. Accepted Remits will be presented at the AGM with time allocated to discuss the proposal. If warranted, a members vote can be taken to either accept or decline the proposed remit. Acceptance is by majority vote of those STANZ members present at the AGM. Remits from the AGM that are passed shall bind the Executive to an appropriate course of action.