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Searching – Destiny Classic (Basic, Power and Visual)

Make certain you setup the Back Office Site Configurations to promote Reading Level, interest level, and Lexile measures to your students:

These reading measures are a good way to encourage your teachers to use Destiny to locate books for instruction, reading circles, and research assignments.

Destiny allows you to search for very specific items in your collection.  For example, if you want books on climate change, you can enter the interest and reading levels:

Click on the keyword (default) search to maximize results.  If you want to do a more precise search, choose Title or subject.

You can also sort the results to refine your search!

Power Search

This is a great searching interface to promote searching skills with students and teachers. You can instruction on keyword, subject, author, series, and Boolean (AND, OR, NOT). For teachers, you can promote material types, reading level, interest level, and Lexile Measures, and sublocations (genres!)

Visual Search

The Visual Search provides librarian with a student-friendly way to categorize and arrange searching for novice users. Picture icons (or images on different topics) allow students to explore librarian- teacher created lists to direct them to the most valuable resources on their topics and/or interests.

Visual Search has default icons, topics, and lists, but allows you to customize your icons and add your own lists and topics (or update the ones they have).

This is the pre-set list from Destiny.

Customizing your own list

Go to Catalog=>Search Setup

Clicking on the edit button (for the folders) allows you to change the visible image that appears and to rename the folder if you would like to change the category. Or click on the plus sign to add a new folder.

Note: All folders appear on the front page; the eyeglass icons are subtopics. The subtopics are where you decide what patrons will find when they click on the visual search icon.

Next you will want to choose an image to add to the Folder and subtopic. It should be the same image. Find them at Google Images

Once you do a search, click on the more tools button to choose the size of the image. For the best resolution, choose an icon size or type gif or clip art

You can find clip art from Destiny to use at:

Once you find an image, download it to your computer and then upload it to both the Folder and the subtopic (eyeglass). You will need to add the image twice.

Clicking on the edit button for the eyeglass icons allows you to change the parameters of the materials included in the search.

You can determine which terms to include in your search. The options are:

You can also decide if you want to limit results by reading level, to include OneSearch results, etc.