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“Deaf Centered Interpreting: DEAM” video

Video Description:

Tom, a white man in his early 60s with graying blonde hair, wearing glasses and a blue shirt appears on screen.  He signs ASL.


We're going to discuss today what optimal might mean. The presence of an interpreter itself does not guarantee access, let alone optimal access. Even having very skilled, committed, credentialed interpreters who are active in the community won't guarantee optimal access. Even then, there's a missing piece of the puzzle. Additionally, we’d like to address having deaf people feel truly engaged in interpreted environments.

This has led us to this to consider a new model of interpreting is represented by the acronym DEAM or “deam,” which is a portmanteau of Deaf Dream Team. It's an arrangement of interpreting services that is most conducive to deaf participation. Deaf friendly, while at the same time recognizing and and respecting the challenges that interpreters face in doing their job.

The goal is to have a model that provides a win win situation so that interpreters can feel good about their work and deaf people can get the access that they desire.

Video Description:

Green circles overtake the video of Tom, leaving the text within black and white banners, “D.E.A.M. Deaf Centered Interpreting. The NDC logo is at the bottom of the screen.

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