June 18, 2019        

What an AMAZING day one! Campaigns were started, votes were cast, and city governments were created! The Federalists and Nationalists have selected their state party clerks and state party chairs. These fine ladies are ready to accept the challenge of running tonight’s party conventions. The competition will be fierce as the Federalists and Nationalists select their candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General.

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Ilona Moebius

The second day of Girl’s State was one of excitement for the City of Barrett. This morning, our city had the honor of raising the flag with the help of the State Troopers. Four of our esteemed city members felt the honor of being able to represent this great nation. After a rather eventful morning, the main theme of the day was elections, elections, and more elections. We had caucuses within our cities and each party determined who will represent them at the city level and who will be nominated for the national level positions. Although the Federalist didn’t have any nominees for clerk or chair the Nationalists participated in some exciting and tumultuous elections. Our brave nominees gave great speeches and came so far in the elections, but sadly lost to two other great delegates who will definitely represent us well. Today was an exciting look into the way caucuses and conventions really operate and we look forward to what tomorrow has to offer!


Gabby Moreno and Elizabeth Wahlin

After a packed first full day, the citizens of Clark City were ready for “lights out.” Having elected all city offices and the first “big two,” meaning the State Party Clerk and State Party Chair, the girls reconvened at the end of the day feeling both accomplished and ready to hit the hay. It would be an understatement to say that each citizen had made numerous new friends. Only hours after arriving at the beautiful Longwood campus, the city of Clark was already more like a family. It’s members never fail to cheer each other on and to sympathize when a turnout was less than desirable. Clark City was growing closer and stronger by the day – and today was only the first of many. We all look forward to seeing Clark grow as a city, team, and family by the end of this Girls State week.


Katherine Walker and Diana Revilla

Day one was a busy start for the City of Crush. The early morning had everyone downing ice coffee during both breakfast and lunch. One of our delegates CRUSHed the day 2 fatigue with a quick 6 am stair workout, while everyone else was enjoying some much needed zzz’s. Some say that parliamentary procedure was boring but Crush’s new favorite YouTube video says otherwise. Catch us reading Robert's Rules of Order in our free time (PSA: the book club meets tomorrow morning by the soft serve machine). Many of the delegates not-so-secret talents came out today. It turns out we have an influencer in our midst (go join 21k others and subscribe to @HannahTeal!) A quick thunderstorm didn’t stop Crush’s State nominees from rocking high heels and accomplishing the feat of walking across a brick lane path. Something a little more exciting was Crush’s very own Alice Xu winning nationalist state party clerk! We’re all ready to hit the hay but we still have one question: do oreos count as essentials from Walmart?


Kelsey Briggs and Karina Guevara

Things are getting exciting in the city of Draper, as forty two girls rush for the opportunity to build the foundation of their proud city.  Federalist and Nationalist parties clashed in a battle of words, all while having fun along the way.  After the nominees were chosen, each girl gave their own speeches and left it to the citizens to vote for who they thought was the best fit.  It’s great to see that the citizens of Draper are becoming more comfortable with each other as they voted for the future of their city.  Everyone was supportive of each other’s endeavors and enthusiastically cheered, “We love that for Draper city!” Afterwards, everyone got their creativity flowing as the girls worked together to decorate their hall.

Later on, a group of Draper girls took an expedition to the ALA store.  They returned with a stupendous haul, very satisfied with the apparel they obtained.  Draper citizen Andrea Pedemonte, when asked, said they were “trendy, fashionable and a good price.” Seems like the ALA store is the place for wear that expresses your love for Girl’s State! 



Alexis Pugh

As Americans, we all know the ins and outs of our government, right? We know that we have an

abundance of elected officials giving the voiceless a voice. A president that, for better or for worse, leads and represents our country, the face of our nation. A Congress that writes the rules of our lives, shaping our nation with the power of words. And a judicial system that determines constitutionality and right versus wrong.  But how much do we really know?

On Monday, the ladies of Virginia Girls State learned that our state government is more complicated than we thought. We spent roughly three hours, yes three, listening to candidates speak, voting, and taking full advantage of the representative democracy we so often take for granted. We were, and will be, pushed to the limits of our understanding, patience, and attention spans in a week of fun, and tiring activities.


Sydney Dudley and Ashlyn Herring

Lewis City hall is in an abounding state with a plethora of campaign posters and door decor. Citizens are finding creative ways to express themselves and gain support in upcoming elections. While some are making a political and patriotic mark on the town with gleaming lights of red, white, and blue, shimmery star-shaped garland, and posters reading “Leadership: with great power comes great responsibility,” others chose a more diverse approach, encompassed with cut-out flowers, ribbon, and humorous, pun-filled messages, such as “Avoca’don’t’ throw your vote away.” Although all citizens may not be able to receive a spot in various city leadership positions this afternoon, one aspect remains clear in the Lewis hall: all campaign decor is truly winner-worthy.


Juliana Calvert and Anna Groff

It was another successful day for the Madison Mad Dawgs. City positions have been set with Mayor Trinity Carl and Sheriff Tégan Pentek among many other new officials. Tight races kept the day exciting and the Dawgs are ready to compete for the top slot with fantastic candidates for all three positions. After lunch the Dawgs had an impromptu wildlife encounter with a bird trapped in the dining hall. Later, Erin Shivers rescued the bird, so us Dawgs are not only women’s best friend, but this bird’s best friend too. It was the first day of activities for citizens in moot court, chorus, band, and dance, and the Dawgs are off to a fantastic start. After dinner, the Dawgs attended their respective party conventions. Thanks to the committed campaigning from all of the girls in Madison, Juliana Calvert was elected as State Party Chair for the Federalist Party. Despite the rain, the Dawgs, had another sunny day in spirit.


Idayziah Jones and Stephanie Welbaum

What up Girl’s State??  This is Monroe City coming at you live with another daily report!  This morning was a struggle for everyone on the third and fourth floor of Sharp Hall, as most of us were up late making our suite room doors SUPER MARVELous.  After sleepwalking to and from breakfast, and reflecting on the thoughts for the day, we supported our girl Abby and Ms. Carson through their presentation on flag etiquette.  And then we got down to city business.  

Divided into our two parties, we chose nominees for each city position.  After lunch, we then congregated and voted for the top contender for each available spot.  The election results showed that the Nationalist party dominated for the City of Monroe, with 12 elected officers.

For our late afternoon activity, the majority of our city attended an informative Parli Pro session, featuring our very own Alexis Bean.  Following dinner, Carissa Kochan and Callie Bailey were announced as Monroe Mayor and Sheriff, respectively.  But the excitement of our night did not stop there.  At the Federalist Party Convention, Taylor Curro was elected State Party Clerk.  We love you Taylor, and you make our city so proud!


Liz Tomlin and Emmaline Eskridge

The focus of our first day at Longwood seemed oriented towards getting everyone comfortable in dorms and introducing us to the challenges we would face in the week ahead. Monday kicked things straight into high-gear and had us working right off the bat. The City of Pocahontas did not shy away from the new challenges our citizens began to face in the forms of campaigning, debating, and electing our city officials. The inner leader in every young woman was challenged today as many channeled, not only their individualism in speeches, but also their teamwork skills within meetings. Even as young women ran against one another for city positions, they didn’t hesitate to offer constructive criticism to others such as ways to improve their speeches. After the tie between Linda Nessmiller and Maddie Joiner for Mayor, the Federalists were able to come to a conclusion after hearing everyone’s opinion in an open debate. The City of Pocahontas covered topics along the lines of farm subsidies and plastic bag usage to special needs education and veteran mental health. Overall it was a productive day and one can only imagine what our well-informed citizens will bring to the table tomorrow.


Angela Lee and Ashley Manheim

The citizens of Preston kicked off the second day with waffles and sausage, giving them energy to complete their first flag raising ceremony. Later in the day, the girls of Preston began to engage in party nominations. Each aspiring nominee plead their case to their fellow citizens in hopes of gaining their votes. All nominated candidates spoke of their accomplishments and qualifications and the things that made them the best choice for individual offices. Later on,in the Jarman Auditorium, Candice Mulinda announced Preston’s mayor, Amelia Gilly, and sheriff, Lauren Craddoc. To end the eventful day, the parties gathered at their respective conventions to elect their party chairman and clerk. Tired, but excited for tomorrow, the girls headed off to bed after the long convention.


Adaline Nolley and Lola Heniger

Monday morning was upon the city of Randolph, bright and early. Citizens arrived to breakfast ready to enjoy the down time, while getting to know their new friends—or eating their breakfast to try and wake up. Our morning city session moved quickly and party nominations were done efficiently. At the second session, candidates’ speeches were followed by support from their fellow city citizens. The candidates were enthusiastic to take on new responsibilities for the week. Afternoon activities (aside from the Parliamentary Procedure assembly) included Band, Chorus, and Moot Court. The band and chorus began rehearsal for Thursday’s program, while the Moot Court learned the basics of the week’s events. During dinner, a table of Randolph Federalists discussed campaign plans for Governor candidate, Hannah Lesher! During Retreat, we celebrated the election of Sophie Freiling as Mayor and Thalia Berry as Sheriff. Although we had never experienced convention, we were excited to elect State Party Chair and State Party Clerk for both the Federalist and Nationalist parties. Overall, it was a fantastic day for the newly minted city of Randolph!


Kylie Heapes and Mia L.

Campaigning has begun! Each city is filled with an abundance of postcards, ribbons, stickers, and signs are floating through the hallways. Several running candidates, reported that they were up late last night working on campaign materials. One girl, running for governor reports, “It’s a great experience. I love bonding with all the girls on my city and I look forward to giving my speech.”


Eve Austin and Julia Finken


Hermela Million and Bonita Boyer

Inspired by the first thoughts of the day, many took charge in the city session to create many upbeat chants. These upbeat chants ignited the passions of many to step up and out of their comfort zones. Citizen Cassidy Davis saw this as “eye opening” and “ [I] hope to do more tomorrow and the days after!” The inclusive atmosphere of the City of Wilson welcomes speeches from all candidates. After prudent election time, the City of Wilson came together in some friendly icebreakers including froggy murder, make you laugh, and city photos. The Mayor of Wilson expressed her great appreciation for the bounty of bonding and memories; “Today was full of unexpected bonding experiences!” (Mayor Lauren Surette). Ain’t no city like a WILSON CITY!