Timofey Yuriev | NYC, USA | Founder | LinkedIn |

Ideation, business development, special operations design.

Timofey grew up at the nuclear testing site — Semipalatinsk-21. In 1996, Timofey migrated to New York, and later Toronto, where he built a career directing tech design teams on projects in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Over the last 10 years, he founded and built a niche extreme travel firm, which with the help of former military intelligence specialists from the GRU, JTF2, MOSSAD, SAS and US forces, transformed into the CVJTF — a private special operations field simulations company.

His hobbies include freediving, alpine climbing, paragliding, and studies of Buddhism.

Yuriy | Moscow, Russia | x-GRU special unit commander | Behind the enemy line Spetsnaz

Ideation, business development, special operations design. The leader of operation Siberia with GRU “Taiga Raid.”

Yuriy is a graduate of the faculty of the Higher Military Command School (NVVKU) and a former commander of the special forces combat unit of the GRU. He was responsible for safety at the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Sochi for which he was awarded honors from president Vladimir Putin.

Yuriy is a military paratrooper instructor, diving specialist, mountain climber, multi-medalist in CrossFit, Spartan and other extreme athletic competitions.

His hobbies include hand-to-hand combat, sniper tactical games and other forms of extreme sports, as well as worldwide travel.

“M” | New York | Competitive Intelligence | Business law | Hobbies include extreme sports and painting | M stays behind the screens


Roman | Moscow, Russia | x-FSB special unit commander | Chairman of the Moscow branch of the Association of Forensic Experts

The leader of operation Moscow with FSB “Shadow Danger.”

Roman served in the Armed Forces of Russia and was a former commander of the Special Operations group of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). After transferring to the reserve, he began to specialize in the field of financial intelligence and covert operations. In a strategic capacity, he visited more than 30 countries. He is an Islamic expert, specializing in the Caucasus, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Jordan regions.

His hobbies include heavy weapons, deep water scuba-diving, wilderness survival, and mountaineering.

Mykel | Miami, USA | Special units' commander | Universal survival specialist

The leader of future operations in Miami and San Francisco (Alcatraz), USA

Ian | Guyana | x-SAS specialist | Jungle and desert survival

The leader of Guyana with SAS “Cartel Extermination”

Ian is a specialist in advance combat survival in extreme regions and a former special operations commander for the SAS. He first moved to Guyana in 2002 organizing jungle expeditions for a British conservation charity.

He has taken part in exercises and operations in a host of countries around the world, from the Gulf to the Falkland Islands, from North America to the Indian Himalayas — where he led a joint Anglo-Indian team on the first successful ascent of Mt. Tingchen Khan. Ian has also led BBC nature expeditions into the heart of the Amazon jungle.  

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