Of course there will be games and puzzles!  (This will be updated for 2023 as we plan it)

Paper Games and Puzzles

We will have the usual array of paper games and puzzles in the registration packets. Thank you, Freya!

Jigsaw Puzzle Contest (Speed Puzzling):

It’s been popular at our last couple of RGs, and if Linda Woodhead is not available we would need to identify another masochist, er, volunteer, to run this.


Tabletop Games

These will be available Friday evening and all day Saturday. Look for notice on where gaming will be held, as it will depend on the spaces we use in whichever hotel is our headquarters that year. Please post on our Mensa Connect group if you have a special request.

Games we’ve included in the past:

a deck of cards

at least one Liberty puzzle

Azul - This pretty tile placement game has a novel drafting method. Draft exactly what you need with no extras. Simultaneously, pay attention not just to what you need but what other players need, too.

Chronology - This is a trivia game where you put historical events in order. If you make a mistake, the next player has a chance to steal!

Codenames - A popular team game that is easy to learn, even for new players. And it is better with big teams. Expect to see this Friday night, at least.

Quixx - This Mind Games winner is a dice game. You have opportunities for actions even when it is not your turn, assuring everyone is always watching every roll of the dice.

Qwirkle - This is another Mind Games winner. Play tiles crossword style attempting to score the most points for yourself without setting up a big score for someone else.

Rummikub - We have several people attending who thoroughly enjoy this classic tile game with elements of gin rummy.

Star Wars Unlock! - Have you wanted to try an escape room? Unlock! is an escape room in a box. To play, you need to download the “Unlock!” escape adventures app to your smartphone or tablet. Once you have the app, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to play the game. A box of three Star Wars-themed Unlock games will be available.

The Crew - Play is similar to the usual rules of trick taking games — follow suit if you have it, or play a trump or dump a card you don’t need if you can’t follow suit. In this game, you need specific people to take specific cards.

The Mind - This is a light-weight cooperative game. Cards are numbered 1-100. All you have to do is play cards in ascending order. The catch? You may not communicate to the other players anything about the cards in your hand.

Wingspan - Game involves card drafting, resource management, and engine building.