Tairangi School Procedure Statement

INTERNET USE        NAG 1 Curriculum

                NAG 3 Personnel

The computer resources at Tairangi School are to be used for educational purposes.  The internet is made available to staff and students of Tairangi School under the following conditions:


All staff whether part-time, full-time, teaching staff or non-teaching are allowed access to the internet in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. The use of email is primarily for contact with other teaching staff on school business or to request information to the benefit of the school
  2. The Internet cannot be used for the exchange of personal email during school time
  3. Attachments on not known email are to be deleted immediately.
  4. In particular staff will not:
  1. All network traffic is recorded.  The IT committee reserves the right to inspect your files and email at any time.  This also applies to any files that you may have hidden, deleted or transferred to other disks.
  2. Tairangi School is not and cannot be held responsible for the loss of material, accidental corruption or any other action that might affect transmission of loss of data.
  3. Tairangi School has taken all possible precautions to maintain safety of all users and these guidelines are written and enforced in the interest of all users safety and effective use of the internet.
  4. If any staff members violates any of the above provisions this may result in disciplinary action and/or legal action.


  1. An application to use the internet shall be sent home and returned signed by the relevant caregiver.
  2. This application will enable the students to receive instruction in the use of the internet world wide web and have email access should this be made available to them.
  3. Email maybe provided for students to make contact with other students in the interest of education and if so, all emails will be sighted by staff members before they are sent.
  4. The network is not to be used by any student for personal gain or illegal activity.
  5. Tairangi School is not and cannot be held responsible for the loss of material, accidental corruption or any action that might affect transmission of loss of data.
  6. In particular students will not:
  1. All computer access is a privilege, not a right.  Any violation of the above provisions may result in disciplinary action, the revoking of user account and possibly any legal action.


As teachers of Tairangi School we will ensure:

Dear Parent

Internet Use

At Tairangi School we have developed our Technology ability to the point where all children can have access to the internet.  Children will be able to use the internet to research their schoolwork and homework.  

The school has filtered Internet access however we can never be 100% sure that every inappropriate site is blocked.  Staff will do their utmost in ensuring children do not abuse the privilege and go into forbidden sites.  We have an ICT administrator whose job it is to check where children have been on the Internet.  Whilst we will do our best to ensure children do not go on forbidden sites, the real responsibility lies with the child to follow the rules.

Our rules are:

Failure to comply with the rules will see a child’s internet privileges cancelled and his/her parents informed.


I agree to my child                 having internet access whilst at school.  I understand that my child is expected to follow the rules as outlined above.

Signed ………………………………..parent

I agree to follow Tairangi School’s rules for computer/internet use.


File:internetuse13.doc        Procedure Statement -  Internet Use