#32 - For Azeroth!: “The Naaru”


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Intro:  Welcome to For Azeroth!

Worth mentioning that if you don’t want 7.3 spoilers to RUN AWAY LITTLE GIRL!

What We’re Up To

7.3 - Taking the fight to Argus



Beings of Light - The Naaru

The naaru are a race of living, sentient energy beings made up of shards of fractured Light. They are pure expressions of the Light, and have vowed stop the forces of the Void.

Origins and contact with Mortals

In World of Warcraft



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Hello Joce and Garrett!

I purchased Legion and launch, and played it quite a lot for the first 2-3 days. Then I quit and started playing SW:ToR instead. This due to Legion pushing a more personal story, which made me miss SW:ToR (that does the personal story better). Then a few weeks back I went back to Legion, only to once again quit for another MMO. This time it was DC Universe Online. Legion wants you to feel like the hero, and in DCUO you can quite literally be a hero.

I used to love WoW, was non-stop-subbed for the first 11 years... but it used to be about this amazing world, and now that world feels small to me and it seems to be the backdrop rather than the focus.

Am I crazy?! Or can you see my point?

Though I've stopped playing both WoW and HS I still listen to your podcasts, because they're the best. Keep up the good work!


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